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Jackie Chan denies ban Eddie Peng: I praise in the people he [Abstract] Jackie Chan at a press conference for the first time in Eddie Peng’s Huanjiao responded to the first one, is a joke that if re elected angle must choose Eddie Peng, faced with the problem of Show Luo Eddie Peng and I fell into the sea which one would you fall into the dilemma of the decision. Jackie Chan, Show Luo, Ouyang, Nana attended the press conference of Eddie Peng "disfigurement" appeared in the film a shot 53 times Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, earlier exposed Eddie Peng Jackie Chan against the other was blocked. Jackie Chan attended the film "Taiwan Jinfu machine blood" press conference, Jackie Chan publicly clarified the rumors, said: "the press conference before the start, I have been a reporter stopped, asked me about it, I immediately asked him to listen to you, this is who said that?" Jackie Chan said Eddie Peng is a very good junior, he praised the Eddie Peng occupation morality, is the movie circle one of the best powerful, promising new generation actor, "network (Yao Yan) could not believe, I speak just now is my truth." Jackie Chan said: "I know Eddie Peng very well, he beat the big brother (Sammo Hung) when the play I have to visit the set, I have a lot of scenes with him. In all the movies, like he had heard was very diligent, very good, there is a little younger occupation morality, two days ago with Daniel Lee to talk about the Eddie Peng thing, this role suits him, the character was good for him. I’m looking forward to working with Eddie Peng, I’m not in order to refute before the rumors, I was really in person after the previous one has praised Eddie Peng, I believe that this is misinformation." One side of the Show Luo jealous asked: "then I will find new work or Eddie Peng?" Jackie Chan seconds: "yes, of course, Eddie Peng…" Causing the audience, Jackie Chan joked that set the whole room roaring with laughter, immediately: "no, see who that time." However, Show Luo did not give up, continue to ask: "if Eddie Peng and I fell into the sea, who would you choose?" Jackie Chan shouted: "good hard!"相关的主题文章: