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Walking fashion! Wang Likun makeup street full screen girly Wang Likun tight Dance Costume Tango charming field all blow whistle rascal Tencent entertainment news recently, the "New York fashion week 2017" is the current focus of attention of the fashion and film, the domestic film circle many male god goddess on behalf of most in the international fashion China will name card will New York have appeared, the two day online frequently burst the star to New York Airport photos. "The goddess makeup" Wang Likun from Beijing in September 11th of the low-key, successfully arrived in New York, the plane she was warm heart to send you the video greetings, sharing their participation in the fashion week schedule, full makeup appearance beauty over the net friend, simple street girl with fresh breath. "The goddess makeup" in New York video Super Fans warm heart "makeup goddess" Wang Likun with the new show "my new clothes" broadcast, recently has been active in the audience’s vision, from the new program first luxurious and elegant gorgeous colorful, to the red carpet, bazaar charity cool "aggressive attack", Wang Likun has always to a new image to bring you a surprise. Wang Likun, who has consistently maintained a comfortable personality, will attend the New York fashion week for the first time, and will be invited to participate in three fashion brands. In early September 11th she arrived in New York after a low-key start, the first time for the fans to share their own dynamic, at the New York airport on time "punch", she this nifty little self videos, used the camera to share his view and the work schedule for everyone, relaxed and playful between conceal good mood, full of vitality between her and fans intimate interaction is very warm. The true feeling of playing are walking street full makeup girl heart everyone fashion attitude and opinions are called "each one sticks to his own view, the goddess makeup" Wang Likun said in an interview more than once said of her fashion perspective, she thinks the fashion is simple, comfortable, as long as it is suitable to highlight their own personality is a kind of fashion. Yi Q has been very high Wang Likun face are always playing the true temperament, to New York fashion week she seemed very relaxed, favorable for everyone to leave the impression of her low-key face the camera a bit more true temperament, early hear fans are waiting for her departure airport street, but she was in the video by surprise form gives everyone a bigger surprise. The whole makeup appearance of her skin supple and compact, high tied ponytail and fresh girl feeling overwhelmed, white boots and shorts white coat of avant-garde fashion, full makeup for many netizens said: freeze age beautiful bubble! It is reported that in the next few days Wang Likun will attend the three brand fashion show, netizens are extremely looking forward to her every stunning debut, Wang Likun said in the video yesterday, during fashion week she will share a lot about some of New York’s beauty and delicacy, fun, will update on fashion facts week situation, to convey their latest news and dynamic, so stay tuned.相关的主题文章: