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Pakistan hit "honor killings" killer face at least 25 years in prison – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Pakistan’s parliament passed a bill on the 6 day, the previous repair a loophole, which causes the "honor killings" ways of killing female criminals can no longer be unpunished. "Honor killings" victims are almost all women, was mainly due to rape, forced marriage, refused to divorce, adultery with others, fashionable dress flirtatious etc.. The male members of the family think they degrading "traditional morality" or "tradition", will be in the name of "to restore the family honor" these women were killed. The murderer faces at least 25 years of imprisonment in the past, as long as the victim’s family to forgive the murderer, the murderer can escape legal sanctions. This legal loophole has long been criticized for the voice of the continuous reform. In March, a bill designed to fix the vulnerability was first proposed, but failed to be approved by the Pakistan parliament. A lot of people in the promotion, the bill this month 6 days in the national assembly (lower house) and the Senate (upper house) unanimously. "A vicious cycle has ended," Pakistan Senator Babar told the CNN, "the murderer will no longer be able to get away, even if the parents or other family members to forgive him under the banner of" honor "to kill his sister, wife or mother." The bill provides that "honor killings" murderer will face at least 25 years in prison. In addition, Pakistan’s parliament passed a bill to require mandatory deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) detection of rape suspects, which will help the rapists to justice. Actively promote the protection of rights and interests of women filmmakers in Pakistan had been filming a girl Chinoy "honor killings" documentary "River: Forgiveness" the price of the United States Oscar, won the best documentary award earlier this year. She says the bill has taken an important first step". "We need to do that. If we put a lot of "honor killings" in prison, it will stop people from committing the same crime." Chinoy said. Some observers said that the bill still has some loopholes, need to be revised to improve. Rachman, a Pakistan senator who actively pushed the bill through, said: "there is still a cultural atmosphere in which the murderer is immune from punishment" (·). Women who have not been murdered are still lack of help. The bill only deals with murder and death." Hundreds of women were killed, according to the Pakistan Commission on human rights, in the first half of 2016, nearly 300 women in Pakistan have been killed as an excuse for honor killings. In June this year, the capital of Pakistan in eastern Punjab Province, Lahore, a 16 year old girl was in love with the married man defied his parents, his mother and brother was alive. The same month, near Lahore, a pregnant woman was killed his parents and brother, is the cause of her 3 years ago against the family will, free love marriage. July, Pakistan, more than and 20 year old · Gandier feminists;.相关的主题文章: