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See Fan Bingbing old photos that makeup to change the fate of recently edited in social media, turn to a group of Fan Bingbing 18 years ago the old photos, really want to sigh: "change the fate of makeup." Natural beauty is also needed to take care of the day after day, fashion idol has gone through many detours. Of course, good makeup is not easy, must learn to grasp key. So, we have to talk about the key factors affecting the qualities of the importance of today: an eyebrow (makeup makeup, to help you more). Eyebrows can not only adjust the proportion of your facial features, but also to change a person’s temperament. Do not believe, come with us to see a few pictures: do not be surprised. This is indeed now 360 degrees without dead ends, delicate features to pick out any problems Fan Bingbing. At that time, her makeup was painted like this…… Temperament and now completely different. The netizen said: see these photos, time seemed to return to "Huanzhugege" era. Edit pinch refers to a count: it has been 18 years! How can Fan Bingbing 17 years old according to her childhood as a popular actress with 18 years to make a person’s temperament changed so much? In others is a Shazhu Dao, is Fan Bingbing in the body…… According to the old Fan Bingbing Fan Bingbing photo, however, after careful comparison of various perspectives and you will find that many of Liu Haihe, despite the outdated dress does not say, did not change much from nose to face sister Bing Bing. The root cause of such a disparity in temperament is: eyebrows! Yes, think about 10 years ago the old photos in the eyebrow cannot bear to think of the past and she is not exactly the same? The maximum arch-criminal radian paradox willow curved eyebrow is to lower our sister Bing Bing Yan value ah! Eyebrow can really change a person’s temperament? Come with me and do a little test! Take a look at the following eyebrows, can you guess who is their master? 1 is popular for a long time, thick flat eyebrows, looks cute and innocent, it must be a Meng sister. No. 2 meteor eyebrow feel more soft, should be a gentle and elegant girl. Eyebrow No. 3, rise compared to the previous two lines are a lot of money to increase. The eyebrow tail natural extension and exudes a hint of femininity in neutral, both capable and handsome yet gentle! Originally do not look at the face only to see the eyebrows, three different types of eyebrows can also bring a completely different impression! You must be curious to see what their owners are like Are these eyebrow temperament perfect fusion? Di Ali Gerba, Liu Yifei, Ni Nidang and ~ the answer here! 1 eyebrows belong to the United States and the beauty of MOE Di Ali Gerba,, full of eyebrows, naturally, we are gentle fairy sister, the number 3 is also a soft attack of the eyebrows and its owner is simply the same temperament of Ni Ni! Is the answer exactly the same as you think? Therefore, the different temperament of the girls eyebrow type really different. Different eyebrow can reflect different temperament! The eyebrow changed temperament below a few to prove! Click to play GIF 1180K left: Liu Shishi old photos right: "pleasedoneself SELF" 8 issue before Liu Shishi is relatively flat, the natural eyebrow, look pale as chrysanthemum. Recently we boarded the "pleasedoneself" magazine covers 8 SELF!相关的主题文章: