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"Internet plus gold hedging demand hot" borrow gold business low threshold wind control doubt newspaper reporter Li Zhihong Beijing reported in the domestic insurance industry development to today, maintained the actuary actuarial management plays a key role in the voice more attention, actuary this group also gradually from the backstage. At present, China’s gold market is mainly divided into the traditional gold investment channels and the Internet gold platform, the former by commercial banks as spot gold trading agents and market maker role, the latter is produced in the background of strong demand for gold investment. It is worth mentioning that, compared with the traditional gold investment channels, the Internet platform gold gold leasing business for small and medium sized gold enterprises to provide more financing opportunities, but the wind control, speculation and other issues need to pay attention to. "Internet plus gold" of the four major factions of traditional gold investment channels including the Shanghai gold exchange, the Shanghai futures exchange, commercial bank, retail market and other markets such as OTC. Twenty-first Century economic report reporter found that the major commercial banks as gold trading agents and market maker, the product form is divided into two categories, one is the gold account, commonly known as "paper gold"; the other is physical gold trading. Such as China Merchants Bank "golden Shengli" is real gold deposit + physical gold whole deposit interest income pattern, "China Merchants Bank customers to buy gold bullion through investment to prepay at the counter, confirm the product specifications and delivery date of payment after maturity, higher than the standard integer grams of gold bullion investment at the expiration of the delivery date, that is to delay delivery compensation. In recent years, the rise of Internet plus gold "mode. The "report" shows that the Internet gold platform participants in accordance with the shareholder background, can be roughly divided into four categories: one is the Internet system, on behalf of products including Ali Campbell, Tencent microchinese gold deposit, gold Jingdong; two is the traditional gold enterprises, representatives of enterprises Zhaojin Gold Garden Zijin Zijin gold, Shandong three; enterprise cross-border lines, such as Thai jinduobao, United States gold; four is the venture capital system, such as gold wallet, AU Kim butler. Among them, the Internet system and venture capital system is particularly fast. For example, the current China venture capital gold wallet Softbank has accumulated 800 thousand registered users and 3 billion 300 million scale online retail repurchase scale. This year, the number of users and online retail and repurchase scale of more than 800% of the explosive growth. Which of the two models is better or worse? China Securities Institute senior researcher Xu asked in twenty-first Century economic report reporter: "the advantages of traditional channels is the line network is rich in resources, brand with high reputation, the suitable combination of online and offline access to gold, gold O2O business development. But customer coverage is limited, given the rate of return is not high, the storage value, earning mode is single. Compared with the traditional channels, the Internet platform gold gold investment to further reduce the threshold, investment efficiency, popularity and diversity of products is greatly improved, but the gold investment brand is very important, which is inferior part of the start-up Internet companies compared to traditional financial institutions, and the ability to control the wind is usually not easy to be trusted, if you have.相关的主题文章: