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The 9.14 financial crisis in jiaduobao Pioneer: many factories traced the Sohu [9.14] 1 financial wealth, former employees of pioneer executives leave factory production explosion JDB JDB and Wang Laoji for many years. After losing to jiaduobao has weakened, recently, jiaduobao from staff revealed that the JDB group is located in Fujian, Zhejiang, Beijing and other places the factory production lines have been discontinued. In addition, only more than and 10 of the group’s senior executives leave nearly half, while the former CEO Yang star has resigned at the end of 2015, party secretary Pang Zhenguo was about to leave. JDB is facing factory production, sales decline, the dilemma of senior concussion. A jiaduobao five year service staff told reporters that the current JDB Fujian factory output has fallen by half, and serious. Every factory has 2 production lines, each production line of annual output of about 700 thousand cans, but from the end of last year, the factory has been removed, the production line staff halfway, be affected and JDB around the plants. 2, the 9 provinces raised the minimum wage your wages up? As of September 13th, the country has Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Liaoning, Chongqing, Hainan, Hebei, Beijing and other 9 provinces raised the minimum wage, an average increase of about 11%. At present, the national minimum monthly wage is the highest 2190 yuan in Shanghai, the minimum wage is the highest hourly wage of $21 in Beijing. 3, the highway is not free during the Mid Autumn Festival the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, the reporter from the day before the high-speed traffic police department learned that by the holiday home, zouqingfangyou, influence of driving factors such as increasing, the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday period, the highway will usher in peak traffic, to bring greater pressure on road traffic. How to effectively avoid the Zhangzhou high-speed blocking point, prone to accidents, it is necessary to do a good job before the trip". Remind the public that the Mid Autumn Festival highway is not free. 4, the capital city of Beijing housing prices 31 exposure 1 toilets = 1 Suites in Yinchuan recently, the real estate market and the "overheating" situation has the nerve of social tensions continued for many months, the amount of price rising, the market almost out of control. Chinese platform market prices recently announced the August 31 provincial capital city (including 4 municipalities) residential prices ranking, according to the reporter, 11 provincial capital city residential average price of more than 10 thousand yuan, Beijing Shanghai average of nearly 50 thousand, the average price of 20 thousand + Nanjing become a second capital city of the most expensive. The most surprising is that the top 10 times in Beijing and Yinchuan prices reached the bottom, between Beijing and Yinchuan 1 suites, 1 toilets, is synonymous. 5, the main macroeconomic indicators of collective economic recovery has stabilized trend index in August August mainly have to pick up, the consumption and the growth of industrial production rebounded, while fixed asset investment growth also ended 4 consecutive months of declining momentum. Analysts generally believe that the economic stabilization trend is clear, the basic trend of economic L hold, the three quarter of the economy is expected to maintain growth of around 6.7%. 6, iPhone7 sell crazy! Order quantity high piano black.相关的主题文章: