Why Agape accident car repair factory Here’s the secret.-月丘うさぎ

Why Agape accident car repair factory? The mystery here is now the number of car accidents are few, even if there are some car accidents, and rear end, rub this accident, rarely seen as the three hatchback car change, the roof was blown, accident or similar rollover and stuff. There are two main reasons, the speed limit, and punish drunk driving. General serious accidents must be occurred in the case of high speed, once the speed is limited to 120 kilometers, and the speed of the probe can be seen everywhere, the driver is difficult to go to the car when the plane opened, wanton speeding. This is an effective way to curb drunk driving is also very good to avoid the occurrence of major accidents. So the number of accidents is gradually reduced. Car accident repair is not easy, the appearance of parts damage situation is very simple, there is nothing more than a bad change is bad for the front bumper, bumper, headlight bad for headlight cover deformation of the replacement cover, these actually easier, but if it involves the body structure parts, repair it more trouble, for example, door frame, fender in iron, on the back of a car after boarding, if you can buy the corresponding metal accessories is also easy to handle, after cutting, welding, plastic sheet metal master, can restore the original shape of the roughly. If there are no accessories to sell, it can only knock, pull, to repair the. The cost of these process time very much, if time cost is relatively high-grade vehicles will be very high, coupled with the loss of parts of the price difference, this simple form of profit structure maintenance car accident. The insurance company and the 4S shop (garages) are related, the insurance company on behalf of the loss of staff in time to the car accident damage, under normal circumstances will not let maintenance enterprises suffer, if the maintenance enterprise long-term cooperation customers are generally in more fixed point is the principle so, maintenance enterprise satisfaction. After all, or a wool in the sheep, next year you make this car accident car owners continue here on insurance, the money out finally fall into the pockets of the insurance company. In fact, these are just the surface to see, why repair factory car accident is really love to work in the repair process because there are a lot of articles can do. Most can do this is auto parts, since the automobile manufacturing and sales, there is a car service market, a leading service market is now the auto parts, auto parts market is very confusing, all kinds of fake, counterfeit goods for the crudely made, the consequence is that the real original authentic either source of tension, or expensive. Some of the garage to mercenary crazy earn more profit, do not hesitate to use some non genuine original accessories as genuine accessories for accident car assembly and maintenance. If the car accident is a very serious injury, replacement of parts will be very much, the replacement of all counterfeit parts and replace all the original parts of the price difference is staggering! Plus some false work, deliberately increase the cost of raw materials and so on in the trick, car accident repair plant maintenance profit is very high.相关的主题文章: