The champion financial Putian credit has been blasting the Department of Ponzi scheme shareholders e-caxa实体设计

The champion financial Putian credit has been blasting the Department of Ponzi scheme shareholders embezzlement in Luo Qing Wang door in September 9th, net loan platform champion Finance issued a "statement", the actual controller Wu Haisheng champion financial misappropriation of company money, occupy investor investment funds; the financial champion can not operate normally. Subsequently, the champion again posted financial electronic receipt to prove Wu Haisheng misappropriation of funds platform. Since then, Wu Haisheng through his personal WeChat public number hit back. In an interview with the China business reporter, Wu Haisheng said he was unaware of the case by the shareholders, and denied misappropriation of financial platform financial platform. Reporter repeatedly contacted investors to provide the event report material – Ouyang Dong contact information, but as of press time, the other side has not given an answer. According to the latest progress obtained by reporters, the top financial investors have to go to Beijing to report. Putian credit has been blasting the "Ponzi scheme" according to the draft released in financial days before the "statement" shows that the champion finance is Beijing palm wealth Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "pocket money")’s Internet banking platform, palm money for shareholders of the company include: Ouyang Dong (15% stake), Wu Haisheng through personal Hai Zi and Co. Ltd. (Wu Haisheng Hai Department of the legal representative of the company, the actual control of the largest shareholder) 55% stake in palm Property Department, the actual controller and palm property champion financial platform, grasp the company’s financial license, (including Ouyang Dong seal, legal chapter). "Statement" said during the financial and financial management platform palm champion Wu Haisheng, the company’s controlling shareholder and actual controller rights, implement the following acts: first, misappropriation of company money, occupy investor investment funds. From May 2015 to April 2016, Wu Haisheng repeatedly move the funds of the company for personal use, the cumulative amount of more than 1000 yuan, after Ouyang Dong repeatedly reminded and bombarded, until now still refused to return; two, transfer or conceal the company seal (including Ouyang Dong legal chapter), license, leading to the platform can not operate normally, and the other shareholders of the company repeatedly bombarded, still refused to return; three, in the meantime, other shareholders have been actively asked Wu Haisheng to repay investors money, but Wu Haisheng always resisted, courteously but without sincerity. "Wu Haisheng of the above acts have seriously affected the normal operation of the company, the platform has been unable to make full and timely and comprehensive payment of investors, resulting in personal spending money for Ouyang Dong repeatedly cashing investors. Financial investors can go to the top platform of Putian credit recovery. If necessary, please contact us with the morning paper." The above "statement" shows. "Statement" also pointed out that Wu Haisheng was the actual control of another Internet financial platform of Putian credit, Wu Haisheng also due to misappropriation of funds, a serious lack of wind control loss of more than 50 million yuan, bad debt rate of more than 40%, now the platform has been fully entered by the new old Ponzi scheme. The current champion owed financial investor’s investment funds, the majority is used to compensate for the loss of loan Putian Wu Haisheng. According to the net loan home data show that the operator of Beijing Putian Putian credit loan financial information services limited Internet banking platform Haizi financial group was founded in March 2013, the legal representative Wang Hongyi, the natural person shareholders wang.相关的主题文章: