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Jing Xiandong took over the ant gold suit CEO Peng Lei, chairman of the board of directors still Sina exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Peng Lei and Jing Xiandong Sina Financial News on October 8th, at noon today, the ant Gold Service announced since October 16th, the ant group and chairman of the board CEO Peng Lei will relay baton to President CEO. In the future, Peng Lei will be the identity of the ant group chairman, focusing on long-term development of the company, globalization strategy, personnel training and cultural heritage. CEO well Yin Dong will lead the team responsible for the company’s business, strategy and implementation. October 8th, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Jack Ma in the Department of internal staff to Ali announced the adjustment of the message. He said, "the continual talents self-confidence so that we dare to let go, to give young people a greater responsibility, stage and challenge." Ma Yun, Peng Lei: Ali family and spiritual partner 43 year old Peng Lei is one of the founders of the Alibaba group, before becoming the Alipay CEO in 2010 as the Alibaba group CPO (chief talent officer), October 2014, ant payment service group was formally established, Peng Lei served as chairman and CEO. Ma spoke highly of Peng Lei for many years to make great contributions to the company. He said in the message, unbelievable 6 years of development, Peng Lei on a female’s unique insight, with heart clear and to the responsibility to show her outstanding leadership, the perfect interpretation of the "Dinghaishenzhen" role. At present, the ant gold dress has the world’s largest third party payment platform Alipay, real name users exceeded 450 million, and holds the world’s largest number of users of the monetary fund balance treasure. Ant King’s business involves payment, credit, insurance, finance, credit and other fields, and hope that through the Internet of ideas and technology in the next ten years, serving more than 2 billion people worldwide. Ma Yuncheng, Peng Lei and her team is "almost all financial innovation in the field of pioneer, realized more than and 10 years ago when Alipay first built they do not dare to believe the dream: let the ordinary people and small businesses and large enterprises enjoy the same financial services; to establish the credit system based on the Internet," so that the integrity of equal wealth "Chinese; stimulate the financial system innovation, and deeply influence the global financial system towards the development of more transparent, fair, open and more honest direction. "In the eyes of the public, Peng Lei may be the world’s top female power star entrepreneurs, but in our eyes, she will always be Ali small and micro culture and values passing the torch of the family, is a Alibaba of soul mate." Ma Yun said. The baton behind: "because people confidence, let us dare to let go" Ma Yun said in the message, his proud ants are not much profit, payment service has a number of big market, but in the era of change, and to develop a global way ahead even in advance of talent team, "the continual personnel confidence, let us dare to let go, to give young people a greater responsibility, stage and challenge." Peng Lei theory相关的主题文章: