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Sheng Yun Tan house hot autumn phenomenon: hot city prices have begun to drop the news office of the State Council on September 13th (Tuesday) morning at 10 in the State Council Information Office press room held a press conference, please state statistical bureau spokesman, the Comprehensive Economic Statistics Division Sheng Laiyun introduced the August national economic operation in 2016, and a reporter asked. Sheng Yun said that the real estate inventory effect is very obvious. On the issue of housing prices, on the one hand, the first tier cities and a few hot city housing prices began to fall. On the other hand, the pattern of differentiation adjustment is obvious. Following record: Beijing TV reporter: recent data see, real estate sale area continued to decrease, whether can explain the current destocking effect is very obvious, the summer has passed, the price of the "hot autumn" mode is still open, can you comment on the city housing prices continued to rise? Sheng Yun: first of all, I agree with you. Now go to inventory, especially real estate inventory effect is very obvious at the end of 8, 5 million 120 thousand square meters of less than 7 at the end of commercial housing sale area, including residential 6 million 390 thousand square meters to reduce more, reduce the residential area for sale. The two data gap, because commercial housing sale area increased. The rise in real estate is mainly residential prices rose more, sales are relatively good, so it is conducive to inventory, data has a positive change. From the total perspective, the 6 consecutive month this year, commercial housing inventory decline, I have just mentioned a data, the 6 consecutive month of commercial housing sale area reduced, the cumulative reduction of 30 million square meters. From this point of view, the effect is obvious inventory. A real problem, just I have actually talked about, there are two characteristics, is characterized by a large increase in the fall, especially early gains relatively fast some first-tier cities and some second tier hot city, at present in some credit limit restriction policy, and pre concentrated consumption potential release of a number of housing demand and under the action of these factors, first-tier cities and a few hot city house prices began to fall. Another feature, I just talked about, the pattern of differentiation adjustment is more obvious. First tier cities such as Beijing, although the overall price increase in the future tends to stabilize, but the structural differentiation of the interior will also be shown in some way. For example, the city center and remote areas, near the park and near the park, large and small Huxing house prices, there will be differences. This is a process of optimizing the internal structure of the market, only the differentiation and adjustment in order to eliminate some of the market does not need to increase the supply of commercial housing quality, to improve the living conditions of residents. In addition, this differentiation is also the performance of market competition, through this market competition, to provide high-quality commercial housing, to provide better services to improve and enhance the quality of life. At present, first-tier cities and hot city launched a market regulation policy more, take some new measures, such as increasing the supply of land, which is conducive to the improvement of a period in the future of city commercial housing supply, real estate regulation measures are more and more scientific theory相关的主题文章: