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Shenzhen 2016 annual salary guide price from professional securities issued the most money Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money on the 29 day, the Shenzhen municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau announced the "Shenzhen 2016 human resources market wage guidelines", from the overall situation in 2016, wage levels compared to 2015 a steady growth, high, median and low digit and average number were 24305, 4034 and 2467 January January January and 5097 January, the average growth of 8.19% over the previous year. The main occupation guidance price released on Shenzhen’s manufacturing industry, construction industry, financial industry and other 14 industry categories, 43 industry categories of the wage price guide, the basic coverage in the industry is relatively common, many practitioners of occupation. From the occupation guidance wage levels, the issuance of securities professionals "most profitable" salary guide price average of 71136 January, a high number of up to 81033 January; followed by the trust business, salary guide price average of 39789 January; third is the securities investment professionals, salary guide price average of 39362 january. From the academic guidance wage levels, graduate students (including doctoral and master degree) average salary guide price is 10498 yuan, the average wage price guide undergraduate is 7960 yuan, the average wage price of 6510 yuan for the college, high school and junior high school degree and below were 4662 yuan, 3468 yuan. It is not difficult to see that the average wage is 3 times the junior high school students and junior students. (Securities Times Online News Center) [shares] into Sina Finance discussion相关的主题文章: