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The forming process of full display geological chemists experiments show a kind of ancient mercury planet collision with the earth bring life elements of the earth, about 4 billion 400 million years ago, the size of mercury embryonic planets collide with the earth, the earth after the iron rich core formation, brought a lot of carbon on earth, contribute to the formation of life formed on earth. Tencent space news according to the British Daily Mail reported that in the formation of the earth’s history, there have been a large asteroid collision through the atmosphere on the surface of the earth, life on earth repeatedly experienced a catastrophe, has repeatedly been wiped out. But a new study shows that 4 billion 400 million years ago, a planet like mercury, the planet of embryos, collided with the earth, providing all the carbon for the earth’s life. New research shows that the 4828 km diameter of the micro planets and the earth together, after the formation of the earth’s core, bringing the basic elements of life, as well as precious crystals, such as: diamond. If so, life on earth will depend on the big crash 4 billion 400 million years ago. How such a large amount of carbon that geological chemist puzzled earth mantle and crust, the earth is most carbon after the earth was first formed, the carbon element is evaporated, or locked in the earth’s core. The United States Rice University petrographer Depp Raj (Rajdeep Dasgupta) – he said, this study will be helpful to explain the origin of volatile substances such as carbon, they remain in the outside, there are a lot of mantle. Before we carried out several studies showed that if the earth in the hot stage of carbon element does not vaporize into space, the earth will eventually form a metallic core, because the iron rich alloy and carbon is closely related to the strong. We believe that scientists need to break the traditional theory of the earth’s core, the theory that the earth’s core is only composed of iron, nickel and carbon. Currently, the latest research report published in the recent issue of the journal Nature Geoscience, the researchers conducted experiments under high pressure, how to detect sulfur or silicon to change the affinity of iron to carbon. The results show that if the iron in the core is rich in silicon or sulfur, carbon is excluded from the earth’s core and into the mantle. Dr Dasgupta said: "we speculate that a similar planet Mercury embryo with higher carbon sulfur ratio, and the presence of a large number of carbon, it has formed a silicon rich core, 4 billion 400 million years ago after collision with the earth, eventually absorbed by the earth. Because this is a larger planet, its core will be directly into the earth’s core, carbon rich mantle and the earth’s mantle mixed together. In this study, we focused primarily on carbon and sulfur compounds. At the same time, the new study will be applied to the formation of the moon 4 billion 500 million years ago when a theory called "Theia planet ‘collision with earth, remains part of the formation of the moon." (long compile)相关的主题文章: