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Haikou driver training car fee reform: will not rise to coach students scoring daily news in September 1st this year, Hainan driver training reform formally implemented, which changes the driving test training mode, make a lot of friends are planning learning both curious and puzzled. Driving training after the reform of the market price will not go up? Wang Longguang, deputy director of the provincial road transport bureau said that at this stage the price will rise, but should not rise. With the passage of time, training prices will decline. The reporter visited most of the driving school registration fee of 3500 yuan -6800 yuan, the reporter visited the Haikou driving school, driving school and AXA Pui Ching Tongda dribing school as a driving school, driving school found that most current registration fee between 3500 yuan -6800 yuan. Set up a variety of training courses for different types of training fees are not the same. AXA driving: 1. Time training class: 3500 yuan, one person one car, the subject of the two with (16 hours), the subject of the three (6 hours). One to one: 4500 yuan, one person one car, subjects with the three (23 hours), subjects with the (10 hours) appointment training; two. One of a class: 4800 yuan, one car, containing two subjects (23 hours), three subjects (including 10 hours) for training; 4.VIP class: 5500 yuan package (one car, you can also choose 3-5 people Lianju) a day, two hours of training time of car 3 months to get permits, follow along with learn, students are only responsible for the car practice exam can, all other things we do; 5.VIP air conditioning class: 6800 yuan package, full air-conditioning Lianju, Lianju mode with VIP class. The driving school: 1. VIP VIP student: 6500 yuan, the registration examination registration second days next month, you can make an appointment practice car, enjoy a train driver training, a coach car, all the examination first, exam case three months can receive. 2. General enrollment: 4500 yuan, according to the Ministry of transport, the provisions of a car training and training of 8 people, according to the test time and test results of the examination. Training time (Tuesday to Sunday 8:00-12:00 am, 2:30-6:00 PM). 3. According to the enrollment of students: 3510 yuan, according to the examination time of the exam has been put into practice, practice car for 1 hours, $100, subject two test can pass the exam. Tongda dribing School: 1. General registration: 4800 yuan, a car of the people of the 5, has practiced the car, subjects with the two (23 hours). 2. According to the class registration: 3500 yuan, one person a car, train car for 1 hours 100 yuan. The authoritative voice of driver training after the reform of prices will not rise, deputy director of the road transport bureau said Wang Longguang, Hainan from October 2014 driving training price has been fully liberalized, cancel the government pricing, the price determined by the standard of training training by driving prices. Driving training market liberalization after the reform of the price will not rise, I personally believe that the current price will rise training, but the training price should not rise. With the passage of time, training prices will decline." Wang.相关的主题文章: