Saury Niang and chestnut king, which is good to let you go.-beef怎么读�

Saury Niang and chestnut king, which is good to let you go. Autumn is a season of fat, also known as the "appetite of autumn", crabs, pumpkin, chrysanthemum wine is the food you love. For the Japanese people, what is the most delicious autumn? Let’s take a look at the Japanese college students answer. What kind of food do you think is the king of taste in autumn? First]: saury 110 people (27.4%) "everyone is very delicious, but the fall of the fat of the saury." (23 year old woman other) used to make sashimi or roast are delicious." (23 year old woman other) "I think saury is the most delicious food in autumn." (23 year old woman other) "it is best to eat saury taste." (23 year old woman other) second 88 (21.9%): pine mushrooms "I think only the autumn taste king called pine mushrooms." (boys 18 years old) "although expensive but delicious." (23 year old boy graduate student) "the flavor is very rich." (girl 21 years old 4) "to fall to eat pine mushrooms." (a girl 18 years old) third 55 (13.7%): sweet potato "sweet taste, fresh and delicious." (20 year old girl 2) "roast is delicious, also can do the tempura and University of taro." (boys 22 years old, junior college) sweet and delicious." (girl 23 years old 4) "I love to eat sweet potato." (sister 21 years old): Chestnut (50) (12.5%) "can be used in snacks and dishes on the fourth." (sister 20 years old, junior college) chestnut can represent the fall." (sister 23 years old) "Gan Li is delicious." (my sister is 19 years old) "I like chestnut cake." (male 22 years old 4) fifth 36 (9%): pear "autumn I love to eat pears." (23 years old) "cheap and tasty."." (boy 22 years old) "fresh and juicy." (the boy is 20 years old) "will be able to eat in the fall." (sister 21 years old)相关的主题文章: