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" Longjiang time-honored " certification enterprises can have 54 Harbin ready to declare a reporter from the Heilongjiang provincial business cooperation association was informed that recently, the launch of a new batch of Longjiang time-honored certification work in Heilongjiang Province, the "Longjiang time-honored" certification relaxation of conditions, and take the normalization mechanism. In the future, all eligible enterprises can declare at any time. At present, the province has 86 Longjiang old enterprises, which, Harbin has 54. Consider some of the "old" due to the information, then the license is lost or business interruption, resulting in failure to comply with the conditions of the occurrence of the declaration, declaration certification will relax the conditions of certification, operating in good condition and the potential for sustainable development, the middle dating situation of enterprises may be appropriate to relax the reporting conditions. At the same time, encourage a long history, due to various reasons for the operation of enterprises to restore the old signs. In addition, the Heilongjiang province of Longjiang time-honored "certification will take the normalization mechanism, all the relevant departments according to local business conditions, to meet the conditions of the enterprise to declare the provincial commerce department will organize experts to focus the audit, unified identification. (the crown)相关的主题文章: