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58 city traced to the implementation of the whole work system of 996 suspected disguised layoffs 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo micro-blog screenshot. 58 city was traced to the full implementation of "996" the company responded that JINGWAH does not enforce the times news (reporter Su Ji) yesterday, the online news that 58 city will be the full implementation of the "996" working system (9 to 9 pm, 6 days a week), and without any subsidies. CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city micro-blog employees suspected siege. In response, 58 city responded that the annual 9 and October is the peak of the platform business, there will be routine mobilization, but the company will not force the owner must be in accordance with the provisions of "996" to arrange work. Yesterday, the online news, 58 city will implement full 996, and no subsidies, the company does not have formal mail notification, but 58 city and Ganji staff confirmed this. The media yesterday morning to contact a staff of 58 city, the staff said, the leadership of the Department has formally notified, from September onwards, all employees in accordance with the "996" working system to work overtime, and the company will not give any compensation, not including overtime meal, night taxi subsidies. Since no official mail was issued, only verbal communication, and no subsidies and overtime pay, the move was 58 city staff angry opposition. In the 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo micro-blog comments, many suspected 58 city employees have a message for saying. Reporters saw yesterday, yaojinbo micro-blog first content has thousands of comments, the reporter found that almost all look at a few pages and "996". Some users commented that "early 9 late 9 6 days a week to work overtime, without any subsidies off"; there are also users said, "young people need to struggle, but also not so ah"; and "996 users said, in violation of labor laws, disguised layoffs". It is understood that 58 cities before there will be individual departments to implement the "996 work system", such as sales departments, but now like this requires all employees to implement "996" or the first time. Online reports, many people believe that 58 city do not rule out the "disguised layoffs" suspects, hoping to force some employees to resign, thereby saving a lot of money compensation. Yesterday, 58 city responded to reporters, 9 and October every year is the peak stage of platform traffic, in order to deal with this business peak stage, every year in 9 and October will have regular mobilization. 58 city also said that the company is not mandatory for all people to work in accordance with the "996" provisions, the company advocates departments continue to improve the ability of management and work efficiency, reasonable arrangement of work, rather than by using the extended working hours "force 996" requirement to management staff. Labor law expert, Beijing Sino law firm partner Shen Binti lawyer said, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the labor law, in the protection of the health of workers under the conditions, extend the working time of more than 3 hours a day, not more than 36 hours per month. In the case of overtime overtime, even if employees are willing to volunteer, the enterprise still talks about it

58同城被曝实行全员996工作制 涉嫌变相裁员 58同城CEO姚劲波微博截图。   58同城被曝实行全员“996”   公司回应称不会强制执行   京华时报讯(记者苏季)昨天,网上有消息称58同城将实行全员“996”工作制(早9点到晚9点、一周工作6天),且没有任何的补贴。58同城CEO姚劲波的微博也疑遭员工围攻。对此,58同城方面回应称,每年的9、10月份是平台业务高峰期,会有常规性的动员,但公司不会强制要求所有人一定要按照“996”的规定来安排工作。   昨天,网上消息称58同城将实行全员996,且没有任何的补贴,公司内部没有正式的邮件通知,但58同城和赶集网的员工确认了此事。有媒体昨天上午联系到58同城一位员工,该员工说,部门的领导已经正式通知,从9月份起,全体员工要按照“996工作制”来加班,而且公司不会给任何补偿,包括加班餐、晚上打车补贴也没有。   由于没有下达正式邮件,只是口头传达,且没有任何的补贴和加班费,此举遭到58同城员工愤怒反对。在58同城CEO姚劲波的微博评论中,众多疑似58同城员工纷纷留言讨要说法。记者昨天看到,姚劲波微博第一条内容下已经有数千条评论,记者翻看几页发现内容几乎全与“996”相关。有的用户发表评论称,“早9晚9一周6天加班,没有任何补贴调休”;也有用户称,“年轻人需要拼搏,但也不能这么用啊”;还有用户称,“996违反劳动法,变相裁员”。   据了解,58同城以前也会有个别部门实施“996工作制”,比如销售部门,但像现在这样要求全体员工实行“996”还是头一回。网上报道中,很多人认为,58同城这样做不排除有“变相裁员”的嫌疑,希望借此逼迫一些员工主动辞职,从而节省数额不菲的赔偿金。   昨天,58同城方面向记者回应道,每年的9、10月份都是平台业务流量的高峰阶段,为了应对这种业务高峰阶段,每年的9、10月份都会有常规性的动员。58同城还称,公司并不会强制要求所有人一定要按照“996”的规定来安排工作,公司倡导各部门不断提升管理能力和工作效率,合理安排工作,而不是靠延长工作时间采用“996”的强行规定来管理员工。   劳动法专家、北京中闻律师事务所合伙人沈斌倜律师表示,按照劳动法相关规定,在保障劳动者身体健康的条件下,延长工作时间每日不得超过3小时,每月不得超过36小时。在员工存在超时加班的情况下,即使是员工乐意自愿的,企业仍然会存在一定的用工风险,包括劳动监察检查的风险、被通报批评和被罚款的风险、被举报的风险及仲裁和诉讼的风险。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: