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Car accident is a game of the pot? "Demon treasure can dream GO" announced after the Japanese domestic speed limit system to frequent the driver while driving while Nintendo popularity Mobile Games "demon dream GO" treasure may lead to an accident, the death caused by accident. November 7th United States operating company Niantic and Tokyo announced that the club will rectify the game features, launched in a certain speed will not be able to use the wizard gas station speed limit system. The implementation of the new adjustment means that the game player on the transportation, and reaches a certain speed, whether it is sitting in the copilot or in the car, whether by car or bus will no longer be the main operation of the game, so we can effectively prevent the driver still in the car to play the game. In late October of this year, a 36 year old driver in the car to play "magic treasure can dream GO" accident, knocked down a pupil of the age of 9 and led to his death. After the incident, the parents of the students as well as the Japanese society have put forward the concept of the introduction of the speed limit system. For this speed limit system, netizens have commented: I heard that after more than 40 kilometers per hour can not play, and people who take public transport poor." "There will be a lot of low speed drivers." I think this is not simply a pot of the game, many drivers prefer to play while driving the phone, so the car accident still can not be avoided." Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: