Sun Yang micro-blog issued a statement by the reality show was fooled-魔界骑士イングリッド

Sun Yang micro-blog issued a reality show by play was suddenly dismissed with Sun Yang micro-blog Sina entertainment news will be broadcast tonight "real man 2" second sets, in the episode, promos will have a person off the team. Today, micro-blog broke the news that the withdrawal of the team is Sun Yang, because to participate in the Olympic Games recognition. Today, micro-blog 17:30 Sun Yang suspected in response to the rumors: "when I do myself, but again and again three to be fooled, feel tired heart……" Finally Sun Yang also @ real man show group. Last week’s announcement came as a member of the team will be back this week. When everyone felt that Jiang Jinfu will be injured when the team back, today, suddenly there are friends broke the news that the withdrawal of the team is a person, because Sun Yang is going to participate in the Olympic Games in recognition of the. After breaking the news, the show and the artist did not respond to this. At 17:30 pm today Sun Yang released micro-blog suspected of response to his team back rumors, and suspected accused show by his speculation, Sun Yang wrote on micro-blog: "many people told me that, in reality, focus on the show, according to the script. But I don’t believe that, doing things or sincere to open, especially in the face of this sacred military theme, how can "play out" way to treat? However, when I seriously do their own, but suffered a three and then be fooled…… How to break? Feel tired heart! "Real man" Yang Mi, Sun Yang, and so on are reported to be recording the "real man" in the last period of time. (XLZY text)相关的主题文章: