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Guangxi state parents with 4 people who break the school pregnant female teacher was beaten hospitalization for Guilin evening news (reporter Shen Yan) in the ward quietly, Xie lying in bed quietly tears, depressed mood by her husband Wang stared at his face and tried to comfort her, but do not know how to speak…… Miss Xie is still in bed. Reporter Shen Yan photo in November 16th, a pupil of parents with 4 social members in the county into the statewide statewide liberal bilingual schools, 4 teachers, including the teacher Xie, beaten, more than and 40 days of pregnancy, Xie was beaten after other teachers under the protection of the police in the toilet. After the event, Xie teacher body bleeding, symptoms of threatened abortion. November 22, 23, the reporter went to the state, interviewed the relevant personnel, to listen to the school, the public security department investigation of the matter. The female teacher was beaten into the toilet alarm on November 22nd morning, the reporters came to the county people’s Hospital statewide inpatient department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Xie being miscarriage treatment here, her husband, mother and mother-in-law with care. Teacher Xie told reporters about his beaten after. The 24 year old teacher Xie is a statewide liberal Bilingual School kindergarten and preschool teacher. 1 afternoon of November 16th, the fifth grade primary school students Xiaoqiang (a pseudonym) mother Ms. Zhou with 1 women and 3 men 4 social workers came to the school, is building 4 building to watch over the children nap Xie and 3 colleagues propaganda, said Xie et al play Xiaoqiang, let them down. "Those menacing, we are afraid that they will rush upstairs, upstairs so many children, in case of harm to children is not good." Out of these concerns, Xie teacher, who went downstairs. The teacher walked in front, just to the first floor, a man came together with Zhou Xie to want to pinch neck and foot kick to her belly. "I dodged, he didn’t kick me." Xie said, "then, Jack Bauer’s mother rushed toward my belly is a kick, a woman has her legs kicking." Xie told reporters that her stomach was kicked back legs, kicked his legs, "kick me are Xiaoqiang mother and she brought the girl". In addition, her face was scratched, "Xiaoqiang mother toward my outstretched face, put my glasses to pull down". In the meantime, know two female colleagues Xie pregnant immediately went to the right and left guarding the teacher, they were beaten. One of the female colleagues to see the situation can not subside, immediately protect the teacher Xie back into the teaching building on the first floor of the toilet, and locked the door from inside. Thank teacher in the toilet dialed 110 for help. The reporter learned from the county people’s Hospital statewide, Xie was kicked in the chest a little vaginal bleeding, hospitalization, taking into account the symptoms of threatened abortion, is currently tocolytic therapy, the situation has improved. In a "doctor-patient communication record", informing the content mentioned miscarriage may arise during bleeding, abortion failure, fetal long-term developmental disorders, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, as well as other unpredictable.相关的主题文章: