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Civil Aviation Bureau Samsung Note7 cargo security warning passengers shall not use the civil aviation authority on the plane flown safety warning JINGWAH Samsung Note7 Times News (reporter Hao Shaoying) in order to ensure the safety of air transport, Civil Aviation Administration issued a safety warning yesterday, remind the passengers are not allowed to use Samsung Note7 or charge them on the plane, do not put the Samsung Note7 check baggage, do not allow the Samsung Note7 as the transport of goods. The civil aviation authority asked the airlines should as soon as possible through the official website and other channels, to remind passengers to carry the Samsung Note7 to possible risks, inform the passengers are not allowed to use Samsung Note7 or for the charge on the plane; do not be placed in checked baggage in Samsung Note7. The airline company can according to the actual situation of the development of more stringent measures and inform the passenger transport, the Airport Inc to cooperate with airlines to make the terminal propaganda work to inform. The Civil Aviation Administration of clear requirements, according to the request of "ban on lithium battery defects in the safety of transportation by the manufacturer identified the civil air transport of dangerous goods regulations" and the International Civil Aviation Organization "air transport of dangerous goods safety technical regulations", the airline may transport Samsung Corp recall of Note7 Mobile phone or the use of lithium battery. As for the non Note7 mobile phone as a cargo transport and the use of lithium batteries, airlines should assess the risk of its air transport, and take practical measures to ensure the safety of air transport. September 2nd, due to defects in the mobile phone lithium battery, easy to burn, Samsung Corp announced the recall of Note7 phones. Recently, the United States, Canada and other multinational civil aviation authorities have issued a security alert to remind airlines, passengers and crew to take the opportunity to bring Samsung Note7 security risks. In China, Hainan Airlines, Capital Airlines and other airlines also clearly prohibit passengers from carrying to Samsung Note7. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: