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Business Department of the most favored stocks exposed 1 shares of net buying billion national investment contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the original title: Business Department of the most favored stocks of new media exposure "1 shares of net buying billion Yuan Securities Times Stock Market Data treasure (October 31st) statistics, as at the closing, the stock index at 3100.49 points, down 3.78 points, or 0.12%; the Shenzhen Component Index at 10704.30 points, down 6.73 points, or 0.06%; gem index reported 2159.76 points, down 5.67 points, or 0.26%. A shares 31 billion 552 million shares, turnover of $434 billion 838 million, less than the previous trading day by 14.86%. At the same time, in today’s landing Shanghai and Shenzhen two billboard stocks, sales over 100 million yuan of net buying company has 1, including board 1. Specifically, China calxon today is the capital of the most favored stocks, sales net purchases amounted to 111 million yuan, topped the list. (data treasure) today business department bought a net amount of over 50 million yuan securities company securities referred to code on change (%) turnover (million) Business Department of the net purchase amount (million) proportion (%) 10.02 164829.59 11074.43 6.72. 10 19950.55 7412.15 37.15 Bank of Hangzhou Bank of Changshu 9.97 134933.03 7407.67 5.49 Lingkang pharmaceutical 9.99 95295.67 6774.37 7.11 10.05 20808.23 5297.82 25.46 (Wantong real estate data interpretation: according to billboard data, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced late single daily stock trading the top five business department, the purchase amount minus the amount sold by the business department of the net purchase amount.) Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: