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Violence, Chicago public security situation grim (depth observation) – Inner Mongolia Channel – police law enforcement misconduct has become a major problem of the Chicago police department, the police with the lead between African American and Latino groups have a huge gap and distrust. Pictured in August of this year, the local people to protest violent police enforcement. People’s visual core reading according to the "Chicago Tribune" statistics, as of September 27th this year, Chicago 3221 people have become victims of gun violence, more than 2988 people died in the year 2015, killing up to 553 people, also more than 492 people last year, is nearly 20 years, the maximum number of victims in the year. Behind the rise in violence, the proliferation of firearms, police law enforcement, police tensions, racial segregation, social injustice and other factors, Chicago is facing a serious social crisis. The proliferation of firearms, the number of murders increased over the years, Chicago murder case has been declining, but since 2014 the murder and the death toll to rise, Chicago public security situation caused great concern of the American media. According to statistics, in Chicago in 2016 alone, 92 people were killed in July 1993, the largest number of deaths since the month of August. CNN predicts that, according to this trend, in 2016, Chicago will have nearly 700 people died of murder. The death toll for every 100 thousand people is as high as 24. So many murders and high mortality are closely related to the proliferation of firearms. According to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago has an average of about 82 shootings a week. Nearly 3000 people were victims of gun violence in 2015. The "Chicago Tribune" senior reporter John Castro? That guns can explain why there are so many shootings in Chicago. Illinois and Chicago have the most stringent gun control laws in the United States, the city residents are not allowed to carry firearms, firearms are not allowed to sell in the city of Chicago. Under strict gun control laws, but the shooting frequency, which has become a lot of advocates of gun rights against guns. Although Chicago has strict gun control, Chicago residents can buy guns from other states. 60% of the gun in the Chicago shootings came from other states. Chicago city deputy police commissioner Eddie? Johnson said: "the gun control and adjacent to the Indiana Illinois and Wisconsin law is very relaxed, is taking the purchase of a large number of gun trafficking guns from the two states, and then sold in Chicago, a lot of guns are on the hands of the underground." Improper enforcement, ethnic minorities often "disrespect" police law enforcement misconduct has become a major problem of the Chicago police department. In April this year, the mayor of Chicago, the working group report shows that the city’s police "for minority life does not respect", due to the excessive use of violence, there is a huge gap between the police and mistrust with African American and Latino groups. In June this year, a report released by the city of Chicago, a text and video records of 101 cases of police law enforcement analysis, found in the 25 cases of excessive use of violence相关的主题文章: