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Yongding beautiful autumn incomparable natural tourism leisure with an Sohu – rain forest, no wind; a Creek Village, Ping Tian around in. Seiitsu, for the "Dongshan poem" seems to tell me: what is the most natural ideal in life. At the time flies away. Through 1000 years of time, the life in the late Tang and Five Dynasties, love nature poet stood in the beginning of the history of literature, and the desire to return to me, in the autumn of the eyeful Yongding, but like the same feeling. Before, I only know that Yongding county is located in the west of Fujian, with China most, the largest and oldest Hakka Tulou is famous. But when I really walk in Yongding, green hills, mountains, quaint cottages, rice like fragrance, sweet persimmon, several more cock, barking…… Yongding is the "East China persimmon", in October, red persimmon harvest, this time the color of Yongding is extremely charming. Every autumn, Yongding people love to persimmon as the theme of the festival activities, meaning "good and persimmon, persimmon Ruyi million". The mysterious golden earthen and rice, red persimmon form vivid incomparable scenery. It became clear that Yongding is not only the magic Tulou, nurtured generations of Hakka people and a fertile soil. Just understand, no wonder the history of Han duobizhanluan moved south, will choose the rammed earth home to recuperate. Yongding, it is worth building Hakka village! It is surrounded by mountains, verdant trees, gurgling water, beautiful scenery. Yongding, it is worth lingering hakka! It is the beautiful mountains, blue sky and green garden, charming, miss. Yongding, as the old with mellow Tulou, its beauty is not amazing, just like nature; ancient the Yellow River civilization with Hakka Tingjiang mother river torrents, not surge high and sweep forward or natural. This is natural, incomparable, poetic. [three] sister tips about traffic: 1, from Xiamen to Yongding. In the Xiamen lake road long-distance passenger station take the bus to Yongding, more trips, 4 hours to Yongding. 2, from Xiamen airport to Yongding, can take the airport express to XiaMen North Railway Station (15 yuan) or a taxi (13 yuan) to GaoQi Railway Station, take the train to Longyan, then in Longyan by car to Yongding. 3, take the train to Longyan is also very convenient, D3131, D3135, K742 by K571 and so on. Longyan to Yongding, you can sit in the Longyan bus station, Longyan line car, as early as 5:50 to 17:40 non-stop car, 1.5 hours by car. We can also choose to rent a car, 4 people including a car from Longyan to Yongding, 35 yuan per person. About accommodation: recommended in the Hakka Prince hotel. "Tour Hakka Wangz Hotel," is the best choice for Yongding tourism. The Hakka Prince Hotel in Hukeng Town, near Hukeng town government. A delicacy: green.相关的主题文章: