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Kindergarten make Halloween activities: why parents struggle to give children a child in kindergarten Western Halloween Halloween themed activities, some parents feel do not understand, even tangled. A few days ago, Ms. Huang call the news hotline to express her objections: "I don’t understand the Western ‘Halloween’ what is good and its significance in where? And from our traditional culture and habits, the ‘ghost’ is something more taboo." Parents: why children had the western "Halloween"? MS Wong’s children enrolled in Ningbo Jiangdong international kindergarten, is a high-grade bilingual kindergarten. Ms. Huang said, the kindergarten are engaged in Halloween related activities this week, such as the arrangement of Jack-O-Lantern grimaces topics such as manual work, also required to buy some outlandish costume and mask, that is to engage in activities. "Excellence under the banner of the kindergarten every year in Halloween activities, I saw a group of adults with children wearing outlandish costume last year, wearing a mask of terror. I think it’s really boring, I do not know what the significance of this festival? And also we have so many good traditions and festivals, to engage in activities to choose from, why should this terrible ocean ‘Halloween’?" She said that some parents also hold the same view with her. Kindergarten: the original intention is to let the children happy yesterday, the reporters came to Jiangdong international kindergarten. The kindergarten will be able to feel the Halloween atmosphere into a corner, corridor, door, room, corner stairs, have carried out the theme layout: the walls a white spider web hangs a big spider, a string of pumpkins corridor hanging lanterns, hanging in front of a small white ghost and so on. Principal Ms. Xie with reporters on a visit to the park, she said about this halloween themed activities, some schools and parents have spent a lot of thought, in addition to the scene layout, but also spend a lot of time arranging activities, including the Handmade, singing songs and rhymes English games etc.. "Halloween tomorrow morning officially staged, school teachers on the theme of the drama, after is the student’s garden activities, afternoon and a pleasant sugar, sugar if you do not give children can do." Ms. Xie said: kindergarten so much energy to organize the original intention and purpose of the activities are for children. In these activities, children can get rid of the usual constraints, free funny and naughty, indulge in the lively atmosphere of nature. At the same time, the children in the experience will also learn some festivals related culture." Ms. Xie said, "the fact that children are very love and look forward to this event, not only because they are free to do, also can wear costumes to play their role in love. Today, children can not wait to get ready for the activities of the snow white clothes to school." For those who oppose the views of parents, Ms. Xie said: the mother may not be very aware of our original intention and effect, but presumably her children should also like the event. In addition, so far no parents to reflect the views of the kindergarten, we welcome the idea that parents and kindergarten;相关的主题文章: