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6 kinds of food help you solve the harm of lack of sleep. [Abstract] many people have the symptoms of insufficient sleep, and the lack of sleep has brought great harm to me. So, do you know how to deal with the dangers of sleep deprivation? Now many people suffer from long-term insomnia because of too much pressure. So, do you know what to eat to solve the problem of insufficient sleep? Lack of sleep, eat what conditioning 1 almond rich magnesium, magnesium can improve sleep can also promote muscle relaxation, it also benefits, is a protein supplement, by human body from the alert adrenaline circulating conversion to rest, and help promote sleep. 2, cereals before eating at bedtime a small bowl of Cereals, you do not have a guilty conscience, especially low sugar, whole grain cereals. It is not only a healthy snack, but also helps sleep. Complex carbohydrate rich foods increase the color of the blood stream and increase the sleep inducing effect. Another benefit: add some dried cherries in your bowl (see above), which can help you to sleep. 3, eggs and eggs can also help sleep, because the protein in eggs can supplement brain nutrition, can calm the nerves. Eating an egg at night can not only help you get into sleep, but also help you sleep. 4 tea, chamomile tea is a very effective sedative tea, can help the brain to rest Anshenbunao. And green tea contains theanine, can promote sleep, sleep before you can drink some green tea, can help soothe the nerves. 5, banana is rich in serotonin and N- acetyl -5- methoxytryptamine, and can make themuscles ofmagnesium. Eating more bananas calms the mind. 6, warm milk, drink a glass of milk before going to bed helps sleep, because milk contains tryptophan, it can play a sedative effect. And calcium in milk can help the brain take full advantage of this tryptophan. The risk of sleep deprivation 1, will increase blood pressure, research shows that if adults lack of sleep for 40% hours a day for five consecutive years, the risk of hypertension will increase by 2%. 2, increase the risk of illness, there is evidence that sleep less people are more susceptible to influenza virus. 3. Have you ever experienced a loss of memory, and after a night of tossing and turning, does your memory seem to be getting worse? Brain waves during rapid eye movement during the initial stages of the sleep cycle can promote memory and creativity. So if you didn’t sleep well the night before, a quick nap would help restore memory skills. 4, will miss the exercise, lack of sleep means lack of energy, also do not bother to exercise, investigation shows that lack of sleep is an important reason for people not exercise. 5, it will make you more eccentric, or even more primitive in terms of researchers". Without enough sleep, we will become more primitive ourselves, that is, we can’t control and handle our emotions, and make reasonable responses to some situations. 6, hair loss from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, lack of sleep, stay up late, easy to hurt the liver and kidney, damage Qi and blood, Qi and blood two empty is prone to hair loss symptoms. Studies have shown that people who often stay up late or sleep irregularly, it is easy to increase hair loss, hair line and other issues. So, for a beautiful black hair, go to sleep. 7, the whole person is not in the state, this is the most serious consequences. Inadequate sleep position

6种食物帮你解决睡眠不足的危害 [摘要]很多人都有睡眠不足的症状,而睡眠不足给我带来的危害是很大的。那么你知道要怎样解决睡眠不足的危害吗?现在很多人都因为压力过大而导致长期失眠。那么你知道吃什么可以解决睡眠不足的问题吗?睡眠不足吃什么调理1、杏仁杏仁含丰富的镁元素,镁既可以改进睡眠也可以促进肌肉放松,它还有另外的好处,就是补充蛋白质,通过将人体从警戒性肾上腺素循环转换到休息,从而帮助促进睡眠。2、谷类在睡前吃一小碗谷类食品你不必心虚,尤其是低糖的、整谷谷类食品。它不仅是健康点心,而且可以帮助睡眠。复合的富含碳水化合物的食品会增加血流里的色氦酸,增加诱导睡眠效果。另外的好处:在你的碗里加上几粒干樱桃(见以上),可以格外帮助你呼呼入睡。3、鸡蛋鸡蛋也能帮助睡眠,因为鸡蛋中的蛋白质能够补充大脑营养,能够静心安神。晚上吃一个鸡蛋,不仅能够帮你进入睡眠,也帮你保持睡眠。4、茶甘菊茶是一种非常有效的安神茶,能够安神补脑,帮助大脑休息。而绿茶包含茶氨酸,可以促进睡眠,睡前可以少喝一些绿茶,能够帮助安神。5、香蕉香蕉含有丰富的复合胺和N-乙酰-5-甲氧基色胺,还有能使肌肉放松的镁。多吃香蕉能够安神静心。6、温牛奶睡前喝杯牛奶有助于睡眠,因为牛奶中含有色氨酸,它能够发挥镇静的功效。而牛奶中的钙能帮助大脑充分利用这种色氨酸。睡眠不足的危害1、会让血压增高研究表明,如果成年人连续五年每天都缺少一小时睡眠,患高血压的风险将提升40%。2、增加了生病的风险有证据表明睡眠不足的人更容易感染感冒病毒。3、减退记忆力是否曾感受过,在一晚上的辗转反侧后记忆力好像变差了?在睡眠循环周期初始阶段的快速眼动时期的脑电波可以促进记忆力和创造力。所以如果前一晚没有睡好,赶紧打个盹也可以帮助恢复记忆技巧。4、会错过运动睡眠不足意味着缺乏精力,也就懒得去运动,调查表明,睡眠不足是人们不运动的一个重要原因。5、会让你更古怪或者用研究人员的话来说就是更“原始”。没有充足的睡眠,我们会成为更原始的自己,也就是我们无法控制和处理好自己的情绪,对一些状况做出合理的反应。6、会脱发从中医的角度看,睡眠不足、熬夜,容易伤肝肾,损气血,气血两虚则容易出现脱发症状。研究表明,经常熬夜或睡眠不规律的人,确实容易出现脱发增加、发际线后移等问题。所以为了一头乌黑靓丽的秀发,还是好好睡觉吧。7、整个人不在状态这是最严重的后果。不充足的睡眠会让我们意志消沉,反应速度降低,头脑昏昏涨涨。 【健康要闻】中秋月饼吃太多 如何消食解腻? 【健康要闻】人体8个器官最易癌变 防癌也要对症下药 【健康访谈】类风湿关节炎科普知多少? 【疾病诊疗】二手烟易引起小儿肿瘤 转播到腾讯微博 欢迎关注大申网健康频道微信(微信号:sh-jiankang)或扫描左侧二维码 回复“1”就可看到健康攻略:看完这篇文章你就可以安心度夏啦! 回复“2”就可看到健康攻略:夏季游泳后重点清洗4部位相关的主题文章: