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Jewelry-Diamonds Its that time of year again. Black Friday is .ing up, and on its heels the holiday shopping season. Stores are already advertising their enticing Black Friday deals, and for the many on a limited budget, the choices can be painful to make. Many dream of get-rich-quick schemes, or winning the lottery, but in reality, these are few and far between. Now there finally is a get-rich-quick scheme ready for the taking. The catch? Its not a scheme. Its real, legitimate, and it lets you make money quickly with no effort involved. Its selling old gold for cash. Many are skeptical of the whole cash for gold industry, with good reason. However, for every few .panies that are scams there is one that is legitimate, and really will buy old gold for cash. If you find a good .pany, youre in luck because these cash for gold .panies offer the highest payout, topping pawnshops, jewelers, and other cash for gold .panies. Legitimate online gold buyers can afford to offer the most for your money because they face a lot less overhead costs. If they keep a small profit and hand over the rest, you have the potential to make a nice amount on useless gold coins, jewelry, watches, and the like. The obvious question is, how do you know which of the .panies urging you to sell gold are legitimate, and which are scams? The first step is to do a search, and go through each site, checking for references, testimonials, etc. When youve narrowed the search down, its a good idea to do an individual search on each cash for gold site and see what .es up. The difference between sites is immense. For gold buyer websites with a solid reputation as demonstrated by referrals or the BBB, you can trust that they will properly test, weigh and evaluate your gold. Thus, many people send in their gold to trusted sites in a jumbled heap of gold and costume jewelry straight out of the jewelry box. This will leave the issue of sorting and evaluating the gold and non-gold to the gold buyer. Without definitive weights and gold contents, you must therefore trust the site operator. It’s a lot more work to sort the gold from the non-gold, but this is an easy way to simply get it done and have someone else handle the messy work. CaptainCashforGold.., one reputable gold buyer, has many packs that .e in that are 90% costume jewelry with little or no gold content, but it saves the consumer much effort in doing the sorting and testing themselves. They always offer this service as an option to their customers, and they seem to appreciate the effort, as it is a free service. The way to sell gold online is to do it through a reputable site. The process is fast and easy. It takes no more than 2 minutes to request a CashPak from an online .pany that will buy your gold. They mail you a gold kit that arrives within a day or two, and you send back your jewelry in a FedEx insured envelope. Gold experts will assess your gold, and send you a check that is often much more than you thought your gold was worth. It makes much more sense than driving around town to find a pawn shop or jewelry store. You can do the entire transaction right from your home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: