The Best Place In Australia To Homestay – Queenslands Sunshine Coast-小坂めぐる

UnCategorized Australia is the preferred destination for thousands of international students to study and homestay every year, because of its pristine nature, multicultural lifestyle, and friendly people. If you decide to do a homestay here, you should try and visit as much of the country as you can. But it’s such a big place – where should you start? The simple answer is: do a homestay on the Sunshine Coast! The Sunshine Coast, located in South-East Queensland, en.passes all the best attractions of Australia. Think about it – what appeals to you most about "the land downunder"? Maybe it’s the Weather. The Sunshine Coast has one of the highest sunshine readings in the world, averaging 7 hours a day. You can enjoy warm weather all-year round, with average temperatures between 20 – 30 degrees C all year! Maybe you’re interested in the wildlife. Ever heard of "the Crocodile hunter", Steve Irwin? His own "Australia Zoo" is on the Sunshine Coast! But you don’t have to head to the zoo to see wildlife. Keep your eyes open every time you step outside, and you’ll see amazing Australian creatures every day! Beautiful birds in the morning and evening skies, pelicans by the beach, koalas in the trees, kangaroos bouncing around on football fields, cassowary’s (giant Australian birds) creeping through the bush – just to name a few! World-class nature is one of the most .mon reasons people .e to Australia. Just an hour’s drive from the Sunshine Coast are a few of the most famous national parks in the country! Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, famous for its Dingos, wildlife, native birds, rainforests, creeks, lakes, fishing, and scenery. Noosa national park, with spectacular coastal scenery, provides an important refuge for native wildlife including the koala, glossy back cockatoo, ground parrot, and wallum froglet. And the Glasshouse mountains – craggy volcanic peaks towering above pine plantations, eucalypti forests, and open fields, with walking tracks leading to the peaks and lookouts with stunning panoramic views! Finally, the Sunshine Coast is popular with locals and tourists alike, so doing a homestay there, you’ll be able to meet both real "Aussies", and travelers from all over the world! While it’s not a big city, the Sunshine Coast is built-up enough to offer you the .forts of the city, without the busy, stressed-out people! So if you’re thinking of doing a homestay in Australia, think twice about the big cities… When you stop and consider the reasons you’d love to visit Australia, you’ll realize the Sunshine Coast has got it all! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: