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Travel-and-Leisure Saving Money on Your Next Barbados Vacation The splendid beaches from Barbados can be very alluring, but usually the price for a journey there might not be always very attractive. However, there are various ways to secure an inexpensive tropical vacation. The most important thing you can do for cutting the expenses is to try to travel off-season and avoid the December-April part of the year. Despite the fact that usually the resorts and hotels are advertised with spectacular photos, you should know that you can still take benefits from sensational views if you rent rooms in private villas. You should also try to avoid the restaurants as much as you can, since they might be very expensive. You can go and explore the local markets, do your own shopping and enjoy your private meals with your family or friends. If you would like a drink on the island, you can try some of the traditional rum instead of spending too much money at the bars. Tips for Enjoying Your Barbados Vacation A top touristic destination, Barbados is a small but very popular island, with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and fantastic sunshine. The island of Barbados is located right between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, being the perfect place for all types of aquatic activities, including windsurfing, scuba diving and many others. You can also opt for a relaxing vacation while sunbathing aboard a catamaran or lying on the sand. Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados and it is famous for the never sleeping street, Baxters Road, where you can experience the true atmosphere of the Caribbean. On the eastern side of Barbados, the nature lovers can explore a wild and rocky coastline. There you can explore natural beauties like leisurely mangroves, the old sugar cane plantations and the underwater arches. To complete the picture of this idyllic Barbados vacation, you can take a horseback ride along the beaches or visit the Hanging Gardens of Andromeda. Barbados Golf Vacations Barbados is the green paradise of golfers in search of winter sun. It should be said that with its seven golf courses, it is the Caribbean island with the most greens. The most fashionable resort for a golf vacation to Barbados is undoubtedly the Sandy Lane, with 45 holes of which 18 make up the Green Monkey, a course designed by Tom Fazio. Sandy Lane is a luxury hotel which has undergone recent renovation and it is located in an old house from the 60s. Now, Sandy Lane is the most sophisticated golf facility of the region. You can also get a golf vacation at Hotel Bentley, where you will experience true comfort. Inside the hotel, the precious ceramic and the white walls create a very comfortable atmosphere. In the bathrooms heated mirrors were specially installed and a huge marble bath adjacent to a multi-jet shower invites you to enjoy the benefits of Penhaligon’s products, directly imported from London. Booking a Cheap Barbados Vacation The Barbados Island is located in the Archipelago of the Antilles, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Barbados is known all over the world for its wonderful beaches and for the climate that remains the same all around the year. Barbados is a coral island and a big part of it is covered with sugar cane plantations. Booking cheap accommodations can offer you the opportunity to explore the Barbados life at discounted rates and you can enjoy its various attractions. You can choose to take part at the famous Carnival, or enjoy the magnificent palm groves on the island. If you have time and you are not forced to book your vacation during the school holidays, you can enjoy great prices for your stay, outside the peak season. You can also choose to book your accommodation with several months in advance in order to get the best possible prices for your vacation, regardless the time of the year you choose. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: