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UnCategorized The Human Resources Certification Institute offers Professional in Human resources and senior professional in Human resources credentials. Candidates seeking to earn designation must pass a comprehensive examination that covers numerous laws, regulations and employee plans. Individuals who have earned this professional achievement are often seen as more valuable in the workforce. The examination is only offered twice a year. The examination can help you develop your human resource knowledge and skills and you will immediately see an improvement in the effectiveness of your ability to manage employees in the workplace. The Human Resources exam covers 6 areas of reference. Strategic management is the role that Human resources plays in the companies planning and business process. There are a lot of external issues that can effect the company and its employees and human resource professionals must be aware and ready for them. Coaching employees to perform does not come naturally or automatically to managers. Coaching is a skill a process of providing specific interventions to manage employees behavior. When managers take steps based on natural responses to problems or when they follow common practices, their actions are often self-destructive and counterproductive. Your job as a manager is to develop all of your departments resources especially your human resources to their full potential. Each employee should perform specific tasks to yield desired results. When your employees succeed, you succeed. When they do not perform or force you to fire them, you fail. Since your success is measured by your employees performance, it is in your best interests to do everything you can to help them succeed. Incorrect perceptions about problem employees cost money. Unproductive employees are expensive. And, when managers fire employees because they cant coach them productively, the cost mounts. The company must advertise the vacancy, review applications, interview candidates, pay severance, underwrite relocation, train a new employee and support a learning curve. While your natural impulse as a manager may be to cut your losses and start over with a new employee, the cost of replacing an employee (which you should compare and calculate just like the cost of replacing a piece of equipment) is substantial. Instead, save money by spending the resources and time to rehabilitate a problem employee. Managers often need to redirect their natural impulses, which can impede effective behavior management. Imagine that you have an employee whose personal problems appear to be causing tardiness. A compassionate manager might sit down and discuss the issue (playing psychologist). Is that a negative or a positive consequence for undesirable behavior? You may see such a meeting as a negative (being called in for a talk or scolding), while the employee may see it as a positive result (a chance t o stop work and talk about personal problems with a concerned boss). Only the employees perception counts, because that is what shapes behavior. Even if you intend to apply a negative consequence, if the employee gets something positive from your actions, you are actually rewarding the tardiness, thus reinforcing it, which works against your managerial purposes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: