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Travel-and-Leisure In 2008 the Guardian reported that London is the most expensive city in the world to live and rent a property. Those living in the UK capital may be .pensated for the high cost of living with slightly higher than average wages – but what about tourists? SPEND, SPEND, SPEND: Thats entertainment Anyone travelling to London may be surprised to find that tickets to see a show in the world-famous West End will start at around 40 and that will probably be for a seat in the rafters! Eating out tends to be similarly extortionate, with an average evening meal costing anything from 20 per head. Even a quick sandwich on the run will probably cost the best part of a fiver and since visitors to the city will be eating out for every meal the running total quickly adds up. Getting around Then theres transportation. London has a whole host of famous landmarks that any tourist should try to see – including Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and the Natural History Museum – to name but a few. The bad news is that the must-see visitor spots are dotted about all over the city. Public transport tends to be the cheapest way to get about, whether thats on the London Underground, the rail, tram or bus networks. Depending on the length of your stay in London youll probably want to get a TFL travel card that covers transportation across the whole of London. These range from 7 for one day, when you travel off-peak (9.30am 4.30pm) up to 44.60 for a weeks off-peak travel. Somewhere to stay And all of this is on top of your ac.modation costs. According to Hotels.., in 2008 the average hotel room cost 115 per night. When you consider that you probably need a good few days to see London properly, ac.modation can easily double the cost of your trip. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE: Thrifty theatre There are various measures you can take to save money. Planning ahead and booking tickets well in advance can save you lots of money on trips to the theatre. Lots of websites also offer an evening meal along with tickets to a show, which can mean serious savings especially if youre part of a big group. Budget-friendly food You dont need to buy tickets to the theatre to get a good deal on food in London. Websites like Toptable.. offer fantastic savings, including up to 50% off at certain restaurants. Its worth taking a look at Toptable.. and also at various restaurant voucher websites to find some delicious bargains which will allow you to save a bit of money to really splash out on somewhere special. Walk on by While a trip on an iconic London red bus is a must for an out-of-towner, tourists often tend to hop on the tube without realising that London is a great city for walking. The London Underground map is not to scale and as such places can look further from each other than they really are. The London Underground is a great thing to experience but travelling while tucked underground can mean you miss out on seeing lots of Londons finest views. Plan your route carefully in advance to ensure you dont miss out on any sites for example St. Pauls Cathedral, the Tate Modern, Shakespeares Globe and the London Eye are all pretty close and you can travel between any of them via a lovely stroll along the Thames. Capital idea! Whether youre in London for a gig at Wembley arena, a game at Twickenham, an event at the O2 or simply to see the sites youll probably want somewhere to rest your head. The good news for those on a budget is that there is such a thing as homestay. Sites like Crashpadder.. provide the antidote to overpriced hotel rooms allowing travellers to avoid the expense of hotels and the dis.fort of hostels by staying with a local, after all theres no place like homes! With over 1,000 rooms in London from just 15 per night, Crashpadder is well worth a look when youre planning ac.modation for a trip to London on a tight budget. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: