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Careers-Employment A career development plan is basically an idea to set realistic future goals for progression in your chosen career path. It can be something that you create on your own or with advice from some career counselors. In some good companies even employers help their employees in setting up a career development plan and help them succeed from one position to another within the company. Creating a list of small milestones and planning strategies about how to achieve them one after another is probably the best way to go about your career development. You might begin the career planning right from the college or even when you want to change your career path or get promoted to a higher position in your company. To begin working on your career development plan, first of all decide the desired end result. Take your time to find out if the final goal needs you to learn any specific skills or undergo any training or courses. However, remember that if the end goal demands too much from you and sound unrealistic they can be altered at any point of time to something which matches more closely to your skills, education and interest area. Once the final goal is decided, your next course of action is to break down it into smaller steps that need to be taken. A realistic approach is very important at this moment. Make an assessment of your current skills, abilities, and also the areas that you need to improve upon. When we talk about additional qualification, keep in mind that they can be formal or informal. Formal qualifications might need you to attend classes, go for certifications, pass any tests or even learn any foreign language. Informal steps in career development might involve studying and researching about your chosen career path or even meeting people or career counselors for networking purposes. Any step that will help you reach closer to your goal should be included in the career development plan. This will not only ensure that you will reach your desired career place, but will keep you motivated to work even harder towards it. While doing all this dont forget to keep a track of important test dates, or application deadlinesA career development plan may vary in length and duration from one person to another. A person seeking mid-life career change will be more comfortable setting a goal for next one year while a college student has the time to plan next five years of his life. The key is to set small, realistic goals that can be achieved easily thereby giving you a sense of achievement and at the same time motivating you to work towards your next step. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: