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Vacation-Rentals Grand Cayman Nightlife Options When the sun sets in the Grand Caymans, its definitely a signal for the party to start. There are several nightlife options on the island for those who want to stretch out the fun with a choice of shows, bars, dancing, dining and many others. For food lovers, the islands best Sushi and Japanese tapas with a background of live music is available at Bamboo while a lavish buffet and dinner show is at the Marriott Beach. Enjoy beachside music and dancing at the Royal Palms or dine at the beach with the popular Luna del Mar at Kaibo or better yet savor the beach BBQ in the .pany of live music at the Courtyard. There are famous sports bars like Aqua Beach and Coconut Joes. Or else get on board a 15th century pirate ship and have a unique dinner and cocktails at the Jolly Roger Adventures or otherwise, have a sunset dinner cruise aboard a 60-foot luxury yacht. Put on your dancing shoes and go to the popular night clubs like Next Level, JET Nightclub, Peppers Night Club and reggae LI Night Club and O Bar. Luring in the Fishes in the Grand Cayman Fishing in the Grand Caymans has be.e so popular that it is unofficially called the islands national sport. Fishing trips are always productive because of the presence the whole year round of special large game fish such as blue marlin, tuna, wahoo, barracuda and dolphin (mahi-mahi). Because the water temperature only varies between 8 to 10 degrees, there is no problem with baitfish as well as the larger game fish such as a 200-lb marlin which you can lure in just 450 yards from the shore. There are also other types of fishing that you can take part in like shore fishing, bottom and reef fishing, light tackle and flyfishing as well as night fishing which are all regulated by the Marine Parks Laws. The islands play host to fishing tournaments such as the annual April Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament, the annual September Rotary Club International Fishing Tournament and the May Braq Jackpot Annual Fishing Club. Enjoy the sea and take pleasure in the fact that you are part of the fishing phenomena of the Grand Caymans. Best Snorkeling in the Grand Cayman For a Grand Cayman Vacation that will stay with you for a lifetime, try snorkeling in the bountiful waters of these islands and discover the beauty that lies under the sea. Probably the best place to snorkel in the islands is the Stingray City Sandbar. The North Sound part of the island hosts this unique site that is also termed as the worlds best 12 foot dive. Here you will have the opportunity to frolic with the Southern Stingrays and Yellowtail Snappers. Your snorkel guide might probably bring squid morsels that you can feed these sea creatures with. Other spectacular snorkeling sites are Coconut Harbor, Eden Rock, Sunset House, Paradise Reef, Smith Cove and Cemetery Reef. Snorkeling packages are available that include boat and snorkeling equipment rental, snorkel guide and .plimentary drinks. You can likewise get snorkeling lessons at the same time. A vacation in the Grand Caymans is never .plete without these water sports. Bird Watching in the Grand Cayman The beauty of the Grand Caymans is that they have .mitted themselves to environmental protection and conservation not only to protect their marine life but also their flora and fauna. Vacationers out on their Grand Cayman vacations have increased the popularity of bird watching. . The islands are richly blessed with a variety of different rare and colorful bird species and they reach up to 200 different species in a peak season including migratory birdsThere are several beautiful species like the pretty West Indian woodpecker and the tanager with the striped heads as well as five colonies of the native brown booby, red-footed booby, least tern, and white-tailed tropic bird. You can visit the seven bird sanctuaries of the Grand Cayman that includes the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, Colliers Pond, Salina Reserve, and the Majestic Reserve. Two other bird reserves, the 180-acre parrot reserve and the Booby Pond Reserve are located in the Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Bird watching is an interesting learning experience and should form part of your vacation itinerary. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: