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8 people were arrested drug traffickers pay poison more than 6 thousand grams strong sense of anti detection – Beijing         Zhaoqing Guangzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Yu Ganyong Zhang Dazhi, Mo SEN) Zhaoqing City Public Security Bureau Duanzhou branch yesterday released the announcement, the police successfully destroyed a large drug trafficking crime led by Li Mouyuan gangs, arrested 8 gang members, and seized more than 6 thousand grams of ketamine, methamphetamine "drug and drug money, a large number of tools.         in mid December 2015, the Duanzhou Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade was informed that someone in Zhaoqing, Duanzhou, Huizhou, and Deqin to Yunfu and other places selling drugs k powder, and a large number of drug trafficking. The ad hoc group after three months of Mopai, Dundian, information tracking, assessment work, and finally determine the drug gang leaders planning and organization identity. The man named Li Mouyuan, who has a strong sense of anti investigation, trading concealed, strong liquidity, long term to its downline, Zhao Mouda (who had repeatedly escaped the arrest of the police), Huang wan.         the early morning of March 24, 2016, the task force after investigation was informed that the suspect Li Mouyuan came from Huizhou to Zhaoqing to buy drugs trafficking clues, quickly organized drug control, patrol and Huanggang station police divided into three arrest team arrest. 24, 19 PM, Zhao Mouda suspects the way the police will now West Road Duanzhou district a bank teller before deposit arrested, driving from the car seized about 2000 grams of drugs. Another way police are near the Garden District of Duanzhou drug trafficking suspect Huang Wan, drug addicts Chen 4 people arrested, driving from the car seized about 950 grams of drugs. On the morning of 25 consecutive day and night ambush police found the suspect Li Mouyuan whereabouts, in a small Li Mouyuan captured from the car and seized about 3200 grams of drugs. The police task force to carry forward the spirit of continuous fighting, after more than 1 months of painstaking investigation, the drug gangs and other two suspects have been arrested, Qu Moujie Liu Moutian.相关的主题文章: