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A 50 yuan bank of the wrong version of the Bank of the three: This is extremely rare Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recently, the Jiangyou public Liu Yijun as usual to get up early in the morning exercise, in passing the store to buy things, feel the hand of a 50 yuan wrong, feeling the feeling is true, but the watermark and anti fake gold are misplaced, does he accidentally got the wrong version of money? Three "the wrong version of" bank is very rare due to buy businesses to find the money, Liu Yijun did not dare to easily determine his coins exactly what they want the wrong version of money or counterfeit money, in order to clear the authenticity, he came to a China bank business hall asked. The bank staff found that this number is DZ49742257 yuan, 50 yuan and the ordinary appearance and texture and no difference, but when the renminbi against the light up when they carefully watched some of the strange. Anti fake gold than ordinary gold left in this fake 50 yuan notes, and 50 yuan lower left corner number and 50 watermark than ordinary are partial, and careful bank workers also found that in this piece of the renminbi, Chairman Mao on his forehead even more water India two arc. "The first time I saw such coins, coins are true, does not affect the use, but very rare." Salesman Zhang said. After a clear answer, Liu Yijun breathed a sigh of relief, but he did not want to replace the wrong version of the currency in the bank". This situation is very rare, it is difficult to meet the future estimates, I am ready to collect it." Liu Yijun told reporters that a number of friends who love to study the coin are very interested in this coin, so rare, wrong version of the currency, he also wanted to keep a good collection. "The wrong version of money" people should have a correct understanding of the people’s Bank of China website, the person responsible for the central bank has been on the wrong version of money "reporters confirmed that the so-called" wrong version of money does not exist. Because the plant produced by bill printing, used to make coins of the steel mold, as a whole, in the printing process, there will not be a local inverted or upside down problem. Therefore, the public purely out of personal interest, want to use it as a rare thing to collect, it is possible. In accordance with the provisions of article twenty-fifth of the regulations on the administration of Renminbi in People’s Republic of China, it is forbidden to buy or sell renminbi illegally." This is currently on the market circulation of 50 yuan is not allowed to trade. At the same time, the industry also reminded everyone that the collection is an interest, if a note and other banknotes are different, there is a certain value of collection. But now some people in the hype the so-called "wrong version of money, some people even in the original currency, artificially produced, making the so-called" wrong version of money "profiteering, which belongs to the coinage, is a kind of illegal behavior. If you observe carefully or with the aid of magnifying instruments to observe, you will find traces of cutting, pasting, scraping, etc.. The industry to remind the general public to raise vigilance, rational income theory相关的主题文章: