A day of the county seized 6 large cargo poison driving driving a huge public safety risks tataufo

A county day seized 6 bulk drug driving drug driving public safety to bring huge risks – Beijing, Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Shijiazhuang in September 26 a county day seized 6 large cargo poison driving drug driving public safety of Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhu Feng recently in an interview with the grass-roots found that some run long distance truck driver drove the drug phenomenon in recent years increased, and showed a small circle of social trends, but because of the existing laws and regulations on drug driving punishment initiatives are not strict, some drivers of luck. In fact, in recent years, drug driving has become a threat to public safety, a killer, to bring a huge public security risks. A county day seized 6 drug driving in August 25th at 16 PM, Hebei province Wuqiang County Public Security Bureau police summer security checks in the State Road 307 at a public security checkpoint, the driver was a nervous Liu Moupeng large trucks Shanxi license, the police conducted a urine test for him, the results showed positive for methamphetamine and ecstasy the police found in the van, drug Tools 1 sets and 2.26 grams of methamphetamine. The same day, the Wuqiang police seized a total of 6 drug drivers. Since August, our police conducted a routine inspection of vehicles in the traffic arteries, seized 13 drug drivers, 12 of whom are large truck drivers, the truck driver from Shanxi, from Shanxi coal and other supplies to coastal provinces." Wuqiang County Public Security Bureau deputy director Song Baoning said. According to the truck driver Wang Mouming seized the poison, he is smoking in the car on the drugs, mainly in order to drive the refreshing, along with fellow drivers also use fire to smoke, by homemade curling drugs. The reporter saw their homemade curling is made of mineral water bottles, with a hose and two Straw, relatively simple. The rest, in some national highway parking place on the gas and water, we are selling drugs, Shanxi often runs long-distance drivers know that these drugs have been processed, the toxicity of light, a small amount of smoking will only make themselves more spiritual, not sleepy, can run three hundred or four hundred kilometers." Drug driving driver Wang Mouzhong said. Drug driving more in recent years than "drunk driving" harm, drug driving after the accident has become a new problem of serious harm to public safety, has become a major threat to the security of the masses "killer". According to statistics, since 2013, the country involved in poison driving traffic accidents caused a total of more than 1560 people were killed and more than 4930 people were injured. Authoritative test shows that drunk driving slower than normal reaction time 12%, poison drive is slower than the normal reaction time of 21%. People tend to have hallucinations after taking drugs, leading to the driver from the reality of the scene, low judgment, or even completely lose judgment, seriously endangering people’s lives and property safety. Some large truck drivers said that the driving force is not their own subjective will, but behind the boss to give them instructions, you must use the shortest time to pull a trip to the goods, in pursuit of maximum profits. Especially in recent years, the downward pressure on the economy, the boss continued to reduce costs, I hope the driver to improve efficiency. From Shanxi, Lvliang, the driver of the driver pingmou told reporters that he pulled coal from Shanxi to Hebei,.相关的主题文章: