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A group of 30 years ago, the old photos to read people are old! 30 years ago China, is in the early stage of reform and opening up, everything exudes a vigorous vitality and jerky. 30 years ago, the story of the people of Shanghai, can not tell endless, belong to your Shanghai story do you remember? Traffic 1 at that time, in addition to the bus on the street, almost no motor vehicles, we are riding a bike to work. 28 bicycles are the most important means of transportation at that time, " 28 " refers to the diameter of the wheel is 28 inches, before the father to send their children to school to ride it. Sitting on a front beam, a back seat to sit, then his broad shoulders warm, sitting above is full of happiness. The road also has small bus ticket, but not many, need to use the bus ticket, only on a bright light can pass in. At that time, Santana is a nouveau riche configuration, red flag sedan is God level nouveau riche configuration. When the train is green cars, noisy and crowded train station, the train car back and forth selling lunch. Each platform, the impression seems to be the most selling chicken. At that time to buy air tickets, have a letter of introduction, no letter of introduction, the money can not buy tickets. The National People’s Congress 70s and 80s by plane are government officials on business, people choose not to travel by plane, at that time, a month to earn thirty or forty dollars, and forty or fifty dollars a ticket, the plane is still very extravagant. Life in 2 years without a calculator, my father often abacus pops the sound at Dad hands were abacus beads, feeling terrible. Mom would sit in front of the sewing machine, start sewing, this means that some new clothes! Even just take old clothes sewing, has been very satisfied. At that time, every family has the old stamp sheets, although it looks a bit tacky. On a sunny day, when the two trees were tied to a rope, they began to bask in the quilt. At that time the market is particularly simple, there is no fixed house, are carrying the burden the hawker stall, never quejinduanliang. In 80s, the beauty of the woman to get rid of the long braids, began to pop up to the big wave curly perm, walking in the street, especially the tide. It was not so much water, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, a box of cream, is a woman full of cosmetics. There is no air conditioning at that time in the summer, every family is moving and the bamboo bed mat on the floor, in the street, the street, want good seats are to grab it. Old people worried about grandchildren mosquito bite, stretched on the most classic nets, all of them flew in, still waiting in the fan again, gently patting patting. There was no washing machine at home, mothers clothes with washboard, these things in today have become old. At that time, every family seems to have this wardrobe, kept us warm and stable life. The almanac, before pointing to this festival, a day to tear a page, a tear after a year. Diet 3 at that time, 10 yuan will be able to feed a family, only a few cents a pound of vegetables and fruits. The canteen meals are staffing a bowl, porcelain cylinder went, mess, bench, sit in a row, laughing and talking. 1983, on)相关的主题文章: