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A history of the development of the Yixing Teapot – read Sohu and map: national artist "Zhuang Jianwei" old Purple mud line round pot sixteenth Century BC ~ 221 years ago (Shang and Zhou spring and Autumn) emergence of pottery and proto celadon in Taihu area. In 25 ~ 220 years (Eastern Han Dynasty) in Yixing has appeared glazed, Nan Shan Yao (all Hill kiln). In 220 ~ 589 years (Southern and Northern Dynasties) Yixing Shaozao celadon, technology improvement. In 581 ~ 600 years (suikai Huang years) Yixing Shaozao white sand green tire device. In 618 to 907 years (Tang Dai) Yixing began using sagger firing celadon products. In 960 ~ 1279 (Song Dai) Yixing start Shaozao purplesand. The year 1386 (Hongwu nineteen years) made for the Royal longgang. Hongwu later, the production of Yixing pottery, Europe (Zi Ming) kiln came out. In 1506 ~ 1521 (Ming Zhengde years) Yixing Yixing pot available spring. In 1573 ~ 1620 (Ming Dynasty) are glazed pottery for the people of the world made by Ou Ziming Jane, called "Ou kiln". Map: Lin Yanqin the pure handmade teapot pot bottom slot born 1651 ad (Shunzhi eight years) Yixing Tang Du Potter Lin Shiwan as the Royal Palace fire — longgang. Ad 1700 (Qing Kangxi thirty-nine years) Dutch East India Co order all kinds of Yixing cylinder, used to store raw opium gum. In 1726 ~ 1732 (Qing Yong Zheng to ten years) Yixing cylinder produced by "card evolution law" to "film splicing method", the efficiency is doubled. In 1729 ~ 1733 (Yong Zheng seven to eleven years) Yixing three times for the palace nawufu made the office manufacturing of double edge bottles, milk melon Mahi ear three feet furnace and Ji green, pottery pot and imitation products Jun Ji hong. In 1736 ~ 1820 (Qing emperor Qian Long and Jiaqing Yixing) Ge Mingxiang, Ge Yuanxiang brothers Shaozao are famous for pottery glaze rich, known as "Ge kiln". In 1796 ~ 1820 (Jiaqing) Jingxi County Magistrate Chen Mansheng and Yang Pengnian cooperation design 18 includes Zisha teapot, different styles, exquisite. In commemoration of the folk art of the concerned officials, the teapot named "Mansheng teapot". In 1824 (Qing Dynasty, twenty-two years) Yixing all kinds of VAT "Bao Dingtai" for the Shanghai pottery exported to Southeast Asian countries. In 1878 (Guangxu four years) Yixing Yixing carpenter Shiheng Japanese Tokoname gold carp river high to be invited to Japan from the arts, scholars have Fangshou, Jiang Shou Shan River carp door, Inax three, Jin Shiheng is regarded as a local pottery teacher. In 1875 ~ 1908 (Qing Dynasty) Jiangsu a large number of pottery exported to Southeast Asia, Japan, Mexico and South america. Ding Dang Bao, Chen Shanbai two’s in twenty-eight years Guangxu (1902) opened the "Ding Fu Sheng" ceramic shop in singapore. In 1910 (Qing Xuantong two years) are 1 meters high glaze VATS won the Nanyang Kangyo will have large flower glaze certificates;相关的主题文章: