[a] Koh Samui private island in southern Thailand beach bikinis (video) jinshen

[a] Koh Samui private island in southern Thailand beach bikinis had to admit that Thailand is a very love my country, because it is not only from the Beijing for only a few hours of the voyage, but also because Thailand has a visa convenient and very mature, rich and cheap travel experience, starting from Beijing, only the plane needs a dream, wake up already in a foreign land, can the heart to feel the new "beautiful thai"! This is my fifth trip to Thailand in five years, in the past, around Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Phuket, Samui, four travel has almost traveled to Thailand all travel destinations and attractions, because of this, this year’s fifth trip to Thailand specially put down heavy LP. Allow yourself to bid farewell to the past punch general travel patterns, a true European style island vacation experience! Before many friends ask, why choose Koh Samui instead of Phuket Island? In fact, the answer to this question is very simple, the Phuket Island tourism development is mature, there are a lot of tourists in Phuket every day, let the little Phuket Island become bedlam; and Su Mei’s development is not a long time, many facilities have not been so complete phuket. But the bad thing is a good thing, it also let Su Mei has retained a copy of this is plain and true in Thailand, in Koh Samui, can use the very real price to find very high quality hotel and experience more high-quality travel service! This is not a thing in line will feel very happy thing? "Farewell to the Empire, to return to the familiar Su Mei, entering the rainy season in southern Thailand it away for several days has been gloomy, with a very warm weather to greet my arrival, must admit, garden type small Samui Airport is one of my most love the airport, which may be a reason for my love Koh Samui! "For this is not the first time to Koh Samui on vacation, so a trip and in the past, did not do any attractions plan, just want to quietly relax spirit, let Su Mei blue water and white sand and the sun to wipe out a period of intense work to accumulate in the heart of the haze, but also because of this, the Su Meizhi line no tourists choose to live in the most concentrated Chaweng beach, but out of the general sense of the choice of travel, quiet a lot of beach of Mae Nam’s San Li (SANTIBURI) holiday hotel. "Although Chaweng beach in Mae Nam compared to the more close to the airport, but the road leading to the Mae Nam beach because few tourists, but feel much closer, the choice of San Ti Li (SANTIBURI) Central Beach Resort is located in Mae Nam, from the airport is only a 20 minute drive – San Li Ti (SANTIBURI) The Leading Hotels group membership, with a unique luxury resort to meet guest, and other hotel group have different, also has numerous European and American guests for myself, so I want to find the Chinese too difficult… Long and… San Li Ti (SANTIBURI) and an eye popping characteristics, is this!相关的主题文章: