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A Tencent taste "the Royal war" will push the recent update to hit a turnaround hearthstone scuffle "Royal war" mode, but this update to the domestic game player to see the Tencent figure, that goose factory does not participate in the operation? The day before the official news release said, after the update will have a new play, periodic special challenge rules. The new challenge mode updated before all know and hearthstone challenge rules almost blurt out special rules or periodic, can’t help reminiscent of hearthstone melee mode, is the Royal war the latest plan is to dig furnace stone wall? "The Royal war" will push the hearthstone model but it is not clear that all melee mode, after all, has not appeared. Here’s the official developer’s answer to the player’s question: when are you planning to update to solve the big gold shortage? Official answer: first, we increase the challenge of the championship, for a little gem can be paid or a lot of gold is a good return. Second, we plan to do a periodic special rules challenge, so that there are more choices to earn gold coins. Tracy: this special rules may challenge analysis is the hearthstone melee mode. A Tencent taste "the Royal war" will push the hearth box mode cycle: melee box is 500 boxes a cycle? Or is it completely random? The official answer: when your trophy to a critical point, you will get a super 500, in the case of legend, epic chest. Small series analysis: critical point speculation should be 2000 cups, just guess. What is the taste of a Tencent "Royal war" will push the hearthstone melee mode determines the challenge matching mechanism is the real reason? The official answer: win small series analysis: This is a guess before, how much should win the game is to win the number of games. A Tencent taste "the Royal war" will push the hearthstone scuffle mode is what you have decided to implement the two Monday card, which is good for the game? The official answer: the idea is to make the update cycle more fresh and events, we plan to make a big update every 2-3 months, but I also hope that every few weeks new and interesting things appear. We already have a few more ideas to strengthen this important feeling in the challenge of special rules. Xiao Bian analysis: again the special rules, weekly scuffle on a model of hearthstone, Thursday open, closed on Monday, so with the freshness of a week. A Tencent taste "the Royal war" will push the hearthstone model for real-time viewing mode of all need to be fair, how to solve? The official answer: with the next update, will solve the problem of small series analysis: you can not maintain a solution to it, so that this unfair wait until the next update. (source: Android network editor: BZ) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: