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A webcast of 80 couples do winery wine became popular (Figure) – Beijing couple live brewing Sichuan news network Zigong on October 13th news (reporter Xu Zhaolei photo coverage) in Zigong City Gongjing District leaves town, a pair of 80 small husband and wife quit work outside the home business. With the highly sought after the webcast, the young couple are in initial stage on the brewing process of the winery will broadcast 24 hours, users accept supervision. Entrepreneurship: after graduating from college students to do the winery with 80 He Jialin, Mr. and Mrs. Lin Ailian is a college student, graduated from the Sichuan University of Science and Engineering biotechnology and application. After graduation, two people apply for a winery in Qionglai after a period of time to work, and then returned to Lin Ailian’s home furniture business in Zigong. In the next two years, two people take care of the business closely, can earn up to $1, $200 thousand per year. With the passage of time, taking into account the two people are about to get married and have children, in the family’s proposal, they turn off the furniture store, the use of their own advantages to run a winery. March 2015 began preparations, in October 1, 2015, the official opening of the winery. Winery site Lin Ailian home. The choice of wine, Lin Ailian said: first, she and her husband are brewing professional learning, after graduation to work in the winery has accumulated a lot of experience for the wine is hundreds of times; secondly, the two sides have engaged in wine in the family elders, can give guidance. In Zigong City Gongjing District leaves town, the way will be able to smell a fragrance of wine lees. He Jialin and his wife founded a small winery located in the town of the location of the import and export of the town of Lin Ailian. Lin Ailian introduced her winery is mainly producing Xiaoqu liquor brewing process using sorghum wine fragrance, from the opening date, the winery monthly output of about a ton, the traditional sales, customers are mostly surrounding residents, a year down, turnover can reach 400 thousand yuan. Brewed liquor Innovation: brewing process can also be broadcast on the Internet in order to facilitate the management and protection of safety, at the beginning of the plant, the winery in front of the production workshop and office are installed in the monitoring system. In March this year, Lin Ailian couple found the online live fire, he whim, the camera used to access the network monitoring, the process of winery wine do live. The brewing process, in addition to fun, but also to allow users to monitor the meaning." Lin Ailian said, in the process of operation, a lot of people on the quality of suspicion and speculation attitude, considering this, she will monitor the access network workshop, users can watch the real-time situation of 24 hour workshop. After the rise of the whole process of the network of wine, many users take the initiative to contact Lin Ailian to buy wine, so far, through the network sold about two hundred pounds of liquor. Lin Ailian said that the use of the webcast is not to expand sales, mainly in order to prove that their own wine is really pure handmade. At present, the winery to the traditional sales; net sales are still testing the water phase, the customer is not much, the next step to expand." Not long ago, the couple signed up to participate in the Zigong entrepreneurship contest". For the future.相关的主题文章: