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A woman’s life must talk about three kinds of love concern public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! To talk about the three kinds of love in this paper from the WeChat public number "heart to help a woman’s life" (WeChat: luyuexinli) the | heart contracted author Yang Yaqian Lu Yue to help small | heart to help Susie to see someone asked a man love you, what is the difference with a crush on you? Remember that I once had a brief love affair with each other. Passion period, every day to meet, once he did not work well, we met at night, his eyes lit up, said, "see you, what is not happy." At that time each other’s eyes are perfect. Less than half a year can be good times don’t last long, began to quarrel frequently, finally separated. At that time has been unable to understand why love each other, but to this point. After listening to the teacher said, "know how to love"   reading, only to understand what is infatuation, what is true love, why do we break up. "Know how to love" in this book, there are three stages of love, divided into romantic, power struggle, the integration period. Really into the integration period of the couple is not much, a lot of people in the power struggle, continue to quarrel, or into the cold period, who also ignore who, no longer have to look forward to the feelings. When we can go to the integration period, is what we call true love, true love is not only love, but also need skills. We can grow, learn to love, to go through two stages. The first stage is fantasy, and the second stage is disillusionment. For example, like Baoqiang Wang, his dream is, I will achieve success and win recognition, a beautiful wife, a natural luxury car, a house, a good child, all his imagination seems to have been achieved, but when he is in a very influential career, his life was a huge turning, wife derailed this is his disillusionment. Why would Baoqiang Wang be so badly hurt? Because he will have a dream, this dream is, as long as I do a good person, will be rewarded. We expect that we are in love, one of us grew up to finally appeared in marriage, he is a very perfect one image, but we are not the pursuit of integrity, so the infatuation stage, we pursue the perfect. But in the integration period, we are pursuing a complete. The difference between perfect and complete, but also in the "know how to love" this book, I think it is a very important concept. We often fantasy in the pursuit of perfection, for example, if I have a very incompetent mother in the past, then I grow up, I want to be a capable person, or will find a very energetic woman, imagine I would ever have a a the life of impotence. There are a couple, husband wife very sloppy, Jiepi, in the romantic period, they are perfect. But, when they got married, the wife is unable to appreciate the cleanliness of her husband’s casual, husband wife) to appreciate相关的主题文章: