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Abe asked Putin to discuss the first two island progress? Russian troops stationed in the island exercises significant original title: Andouble asked how Putin "first discuss two island" plan? Russian troops stationed in the island exercises have meaning according to Russia’s new network reported on October 21st, the eastern part of the Russian military representative Alexander · Gordeyev announced the same day, the Russian Defense Ministry issued a warning to the deployment of military exercises held in the Kuril Islands on the Russian army. "Russia dialogue" network says, this exercise is Russia against Tokyo on the South Kuril Islands (Japan, said the four northern islands are Japanese territory in response to a statement). At present, the Russian military in the country after the island and Etorofu island for garrison building infrastructure. Russia has also embarked on the two islands of the new building of modern military buildings in the two, the plan to update the work of the armed forces are also in progress. Prior to the Japanese side came news that the Japanese government in the four islands on the Northern Territory, the Russian government will require the return of at least the island as the minimum bargaining conditions of the two. The Japanese government is actively promoting the signing of peace and friendship between the two countries and Russia treaty, and the core of the treaty, will be the return of the territory of the four northern islands. News that the Japanese government will not take "four island and return" as a prerequisite for peace treaty, but Russia will require at least the first return of Shikotan and Habomai islands. Allegedly, Japanese Prime Minister Andouble will be held on November in Peru, Japan in December and President Putin held the 2 summit, Putin promised to try to persuade the minimum requirements of the Japanese government to open a peace treaty between the two countries of the road. It is reported that the two islands in 1996, when the Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto and Russian President Yeltsin reached an agreement. However, the Japanese government has requested the return of four islands at the same time, making the "island of two" plan stranded. According to Russian President Putin plans to visit Japan in December 15th, Japanese media have reported that the agreement will return the South Kuril Islands, Russia and Japan territorial issue. Russian satellite news network quoted experts as saying that any concessions made on the territorial issue, will be politically demonstrated that Russia’s weakness. So don’t expect Putin’s visit to Japan on this issue will have a breakthrough. But some analysts believe that the first of the exercise and military adjustment in the country after the island and Etorofu Island, and asked for the non Japanese Russian Habomai and Shikotan islands, has always been a tough for Russia, this attitude is worth pondering; if Japan gives trade envelopes attractive enough, considering the the overall interests of Russia, Putin slightly on the islands on the softening is not impossible. More exciting content, please pay attention to the public, "WeChat Tencent military academy"相关的主题文章: