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After the completion of the the Great Wall bubble hot spring, we also have the top "hot springs" – Sohu tourism "hot springs" is a common word in Japanese tourism. Generally refers to the relative concentration of hot springs in a certain area. It is said that the famous writer Yamada flower bag in 1918 in the "hot spring tour" in the first mentioned this concept, after World War II has been recognized and widely used. Japan earthquake, volcanoes, hot springs, is said to have more than 3 thousand and 100 hot springs all over japan. (this is not in Japan, Beijing Miyun gubeishui town of the City spa spa) so much, natural and ultimately on the hot springs and Spa Hotel rankings, one of the most important one is sponsored by the Japan Tourism Economic News Agency annual spring TOP100 voting activities, including the selection of indicators, regional culture, hot spring water the surrounding facilities, by a professional real name vote. This list is the selection of "hot springs", not a specific Penzion Plesnivec Hotel (also has a spa Penzion Plesnivec Hotel ranking). (in Gubei town photos of Sichuan girl yangzom, dressed in Tibetan clothing) (yangzom from Russia ABA scenic pond, this one is the Qiang clothing) the top 100 of the year is slightly different for tourists with the reference value is the top ten, twenty hot springs, they the annual rankings will fluctuate. So, you search on the Internet to Japan, "three hot springs", "the top ten hot springs", and so on, often different (different sources, different years). (and mixed yangzom to Gubei Town, such as the return to the village of trance) bathing in Japan Hot Springs Village, feeling is the most just by Different people, different views. — in the The Springs Hotel to experience. Some really good, contrary to the imagination, but there are a lot of people are disappointed, although hot springs are famous, but with decades of old facilities or difficult to attract picky Chinese tourists. Rice bran heard a "dirty" piece from a former colleague who studied in Japan, he said that in Japan paotang experience: "people down, the bottom of the pan – feet up……" This does not mean that the quality of hot springs in Japan, of course, you see in the Internet, magazines, those who look forward to the hot springs do not represent the general standard of Japanese hot springs. Did not want to see the hot springs in Japan is also a lot of ah!! (Simatai the Great Wall in Gubei town area, a cable car up to (the Great Wall) Simatai may be the most comfortable and convenient for the the Great Wall resort) front are considered for (a long Kazakhstan), the rice bran would say, in fact, we also have their own "hot springs". Beijing Haidian District hot springs town, Wenquan Town under the jurisdiction of a serious hot springs, but unfortunately, there is no worth visiting and spa facilities, as the administrative divisions of "hot springs" is not attractive to hot springs. (of a moment of peace on the Great Wall at Simatai) Beijing’s most famous "hot springs" is Xiaotangshan, tropical rainforest, Spring Garden Club, beauty palace, dragon spa, Jiuhua Spa & Resort, red nouelia and many other The Springs Hotel and resorts are in small相关的主题文章: