Ai Fukuhara and her husband in Tokyo announced the marriage hearing kimono kimono smile sweet-sopor aeternus

Ai Fukuhara and her husband in Tokyo announced the marriage hearing – sweet smile dressed in a kimono in Beijing, Beijing, September 21, according to Japanese media reports, local time 21 days this month, the famous Japanese table tennis player Ai Fukuhara and the Chinese Taipei team table tennis player Jiang Hongjie at a press conference in a Japanese Hotel in Tokyo, told the media that the two people marry and show the wedding ring. According to reports, reporters on the same day, Ai Fukuhara appeared dressed in a kimono, finger wearing a diamond ring, smiling. Jiang Hongjie is wearing a black suit. Two people will also meet with the media in Taiwan in 22. It is understood that two people started dating in the spring of 2015, and the reason is the absence of back Fu reasons in January 2015 at the Japanese national championships, Jiang at the time given its encouragement. In April this year, the two sides were published in the issue of communication in Japan, "weekly spring" magazine, Fu original wrote in his blog: "we are progressing smoothly." And that attitude, want to concentrate on playing until the end of the Rio olympics. It is reported that the 3 year old began to participate in the competition since the original blessing appeared in the TV program, it was affectionately known as the Japanese people love crying ghost love". From the 2004 Athens Olympic Games to the Rio Olympics, Fuyuan 4 consecutive Olympic games. In the 2012 London Olympic Games women’s team competition, she is Japanese table tennis won the first silver medal.相关的主题文章: