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Alipay withdrawal fees regulations a month after the execution you have to understand the five questions in the next WeChat payment in February announced the withdrawal fees when said "no" for Alipay, comprehensive operating costs rose faster ", announced that since October 12, 2016, for individual users beyond the free amount of cash charge 0.1% service charge each individual user, enjoy 20 thousand yuan accumulated amount of withdrawals free basis. Figure despite WeChat to pay in cash charges pilot, but on the habits of the third party payment free service users, Alipay’s new regulations, still need to digest a. The visual China figure compared to WeChat to pay 1000 yuan for life free cash amount, and a lot of alipay. Despite the WeChat payment in charge on the pilot, but on the habits of the third party payment free service users, still need to digest a Alipay in what business to charge? Balance treasure out of the money to charge it? You can happily transfer money to buddy with Alipay? The following is the surging news about the Alipay cash charges combing the five key problems one question: Alipay charges, specific to what business? Alipay charges only for "cash" and "transfer to the bank card" two specific products, the user is through the Alipay money to bank card behavior. While others transfer to Alipay account, Alipay envelopes, prepaid recharge, payment, credit card payments, pay water and electricity gas costs, other city services, the purchase of the balance of treasure and all financial products, buy insurance, are not subject to the influence of Alipay is charging. In other words, the money in Alipay or the balance of treasure, transfer to others or to dispose of Alipay account fees; if you want to come out from the Alipay bank, including cash or transfer to another bank card fees. Question two: the existence of the balance of treasure money, subject to the new regulations limit it? The balance of treasure funds transferred out, including transferred to my bank card and transferred to Alipay will continue to balance free. However, since October 12, 2016, the new user from the balance of the balance of funds into treasure, only to Alipay out of balance, can not be directly transferred to the bank card. Of course, the use of bank cards into the funds, not limited. That is to say, want to put the money in the balance of Alipay into the balance of treasure, to my bank card "in the way of transferring to avoid the limit of 20 thousand,. Question three: free network transfer, in the end there is no? According to Alipay, cash to their own bank card and bank card transfer to others, are provided by Alipay is charging. However, transfers to other Alipay account, you don’t have to pay for each other, if you choose to cash, fee from his own pay, of course, he can spend or buy financial products. If you are using Alipay transfers to other bank card fees, so, you should. Need to be reminded that the use of Alipay transfers in the web version, already need to charge a fee, according to the arrival time, and different cost. Among them, real-time arrival and 2 hours to the account of the service charges are 0.2%, the next day to the account of the service fee of $0.15%, a minimum of $2 pen, a maximum of $25 cap. Question four: in]相关的主题文章: