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The development of an improved The students surpass the teacher. – — the secret Temple No. two, resource class Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Shanghai, September 15 (reporter Zhang Jiansong) the evening of 15, the successful launch of Tiangong two, for the mid autumn night add luster. Tiangong two space laboratory is improved in the Tiangong-1 backup target aircraft developed, using experimental class and class two class configuration resources. Improvement of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Shanghai aerospace technology institute undertake Tiangong two resource class development work. The resource cabin is the Temple No. two, "heart", not only can provide all the energy and power for the Tiangong two astronauts, life sustaining oxygen is stored here. The original equipment in the Tiangong-1 resources module on the improvement of development and upgrading, to provide more powerful "heart" as the Temple No. two, the implementation of the new task, the task is very arduous. "This is like the home of the housing renovation, modification of second-hand housing, more than the decoration of the housing encountered more trouble. Besides Tiangong two resource class or local modification, to achieve new functions at the same time, can not affect the original function, need designers, technologists, assembly, hoisting, Denso, precision measurement and inspection of various types of comprehensive coordination." The Shanghai Academy of spaceflight technology No. two resources module mechanical overall chief designer Ouyang Wen said. Tiangong two resources module assembly equipment near 150 / sets, the number of space applications than the Tiangong-1 equipment load increased, without affecting the original equipment installation state, can only seize every opportunity to refit. Modification involves drilling and cutting on cabin machining operation. Engineering and technical personnel need to resource cabin equipment, thermal control, multi-layer cable, pipeline, scrap support all removed, and then drilled in the cabin on the mounting bracket, then use the pipeline and equipment, cable, new pipelines and equipment, thermal control multi-storey re installation to the cabin. For such a large sample of modified products, the risk is great. For example, at the beginning of the modification, the inside and outside of the cabin has been painted with black and white paint. In particular, white paint, easy to fall off, contaminated and can not be repaired, the modified drilling, cutting, whether it will affect the thermal control paint? How to protect? What is the effect of dynamic performance of a large number of new equipment in the cabin? How about the new layout of the electromagnetic compatibility? How to control the excess in the modification, many risks are unknown. In order to strictly control the risk, before the formal modification of resource class, the Shanghai Academy of spaceflight technology engineering and technical personnel should first modified Tiangong-1 structure thermal control resources class, the stent removal, demolition, demolition equipment, pipeline single cabin vibration test, whole mechanical test, EMC test and a total of 20 technical verification work, accumulation the rich experience for the formal modification of resource cabin. In the process of formal modification, in order to avoid the fight between the system, the resource module assembly team also developed a careful risk plan and control measures, and one by one in place. On the installation of a number of difficult equipment, repeated operation of the drill, the final completion of the work of the resource module assembly to ensure the timely delivery of the resource module.相关的主题文章: