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"Angry birds" movie box office rosy planned sequel   "movie" angry birds according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported," angry birds "game developer Rovio Entertainment said Wednesday that the plan for the movie" angry "bird shooting sequel. The angry birds movie is based on the same game angry birds. The cost of making "angry birds" movie for $73 million, but the movie box office Statistics website Box Office Mojo data show that since May since the release, "angry birds" movie global box office totaled $346 million 900 thousand, including $107 million 500 thousand from the U.S. market. "We have started to plan for the" big bird "angry movie sequel," Rovio CEO levoranta Katie · (Kati Levoranta) said, but did not disclose details. Rovio said the elimination of angry birds big movie revenue, the company achieved profitability in the first half. Rovio revenue of 76 million 400 thousand euros in the first half of this year, before interest and tax profit of $5 million 700 thousand (about $6 million 400 thousand). Angry birds is one of the most popular mobile games in 2011. However, due to the inability to replicate the success of angry birds, Rovio revenue last year for third consecutive years of decline, operating loss of $13 million. After several rounds of layoffs, the number of Rovio employees fell from 800 in 2014 to about 470 people. Rovio said the company’s gaming sector revenue grew 24% in the first half of this year, the new game is being developed. "Angry birds" in recent weeks, the film has been released in North America, Asia market DVD, providing online streaming media player, and landing download platform. It will be released on October at the Japanese cinema. (compile Xiao rain)相关的主题文章: