Apple 7 listed 6S as long as 300 yuan The police have not sold it yet-9c8947

Apple 7 listed 6S as long as 300 yuan? Since the police did not sell the door, iPhone7 entered the market, the previous series of iPhone mobile phone prices fell. The strange thing is, recently, in Wenzhou Ouhai Xinqiao mobile phone shop to a, only 300 yuan to recover to a brand new iPhone6S. Is this cell phone a seller’s own? Experienced to should have been aware of the strange, because the mobile phone recycling price this grade of at least 3600 yuan, so a single business on the net profit of 3300 yuan, but also to make money than selling two or three new mobile phone. Can be greedy to one, intentionally or unintentionally, did not ask the seller about the source of the phone. As a result, the iPhone6S hasn’t been sold yet, and the police have found the door. Originally, the seller surnamed Xu, when he was in the Internet cafes, see the next door seat of the people in sleep, put the other party on the table to take away the phone. A cafe, you were looking for a mobile phone shop fence, in order to get the money, he only offer 300 yuan. Shop owner is also to a, quickly promised. Police said, Xu suspicion of theft, but due to an alleged participation in the fence, in accordance with the "People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law", Xu has been detained, to have been detained and fined.

苹果7上市6S只要300元? 还没卖出去警察找上门iPhone7进入市面以来,前款的iPhone手机系列价格应声下跌。离奇的是,近日,在温州瓯海新桥开手机店的向某,仅用300元就回收到一部崭新的iPhone6S。这手机真是卖家自己的吗?经验丰富的向某本来应该察觉出异样,因为这种档次的手机回收价格至少在3600元以上,这么一单生意就净赚3300多元,比卖两三部新手机还赚钱。可贪心的向某,有意无意地没有查问卖家有关手机的来源。结果,这只iPhone6S还没卖出去,警察就找了门。原来,那个卖家姓许,他在网吧上网时,看到隔壁机位的人在睡觉,就把对方放桌上的手机拿走。一出网吧,就随机找了家手机店销赃,为了早点拿钱,他只开价300元。店老板也就是向某,连忙答应。民警说,许某涉嫌盗窃罪,而向某因涉嫌参与销赃,依照《中华人民共和国治安管理处罚法》规定,许某已被刑拘,向某也被处拘留和罚款。相关的主题文章: