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Apple conference aspect 10: iPhone7 5288, Chinese first doubt – Sohu digital technology Sohu Lv Linxuan there is no doubt that the two day science headlines are Beijing time in the early morning of September 8th Apple conference lock. Compared with the Jobs era Apple super strict secrecy, this year Apple products early exposure details, mysterious and fresh feeling greatly decreased, but this did not affect the enthusiasm of consumers to buy buy buy. In Apple’s earnings this year was generally bearish, especially global China difficult to boost sales continued to decline in the situation, Cook will hit a turnaround to lead the market or start chasing the market in the evening? This Thursday morning (September 8th 1:00) – Sohu technology combined with the 6 infinite live broadcast platform connect apple, live in the same period live + simultaneous translation into the studio [], broadcast 1 hours before (September 8th 0:00) we are honored to have the wisdom of things co-founder, renowned IT critic, Mr. Zhang Guoren and Oprah Chen Dingding science and technology Sohu the students come and join us in our interpretation of this conference to watch, Apple Talk about those things, click here for details. Three 1 new products? After the launch of the bigger version of the than iPhone bigger, in accordance with the continuation of this year will continue to release iPhone 7 and iPhone version of Plus 7 Plus. Before the rumors this year will only release iPhone 6SE is apple press conference invitation in the "see you on the 7th" pops out. But early on there is news that Apple will launch three versions of iPhone 7 this year, one of which follows the footsteps of iPad named Pro". But the existence of Pro version has been unable to determine, because the Pro version and the Plus version of the message coincidence is too high. Dual cameras such as the maximum difference from the back of the news that iPhone Plus 7 will configure dual cameras, but the spy photos show that double photo configuration will only appear in the Pro version. There is also news that the Pro version does not exist, but iPhone 7 Plus will have a "Smart Connector" version and "non Smart Connector" version. Whether Apple will once again change the iPhone product line layout, will become the highlight of tonight. 2 there is blue? Technology to change color based. Do not make big changes in the material and the appearance of the situation, Cook thought to stimulate consumers to buy buy buy method is to add new color, from the tuhao gold rose gold, has become a hot color once consumers chase. This year, iPhone increased 7 new color seems to have That’s final., but what is the specific color, there are two different versions. One argument is that this year’s iPhone 7 will be equipped with five colors, respectively, silver, gold, rose gold, black to replace the previous deep ash to.相关的主题文章: