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Apple repair broken screen   half deserted — communication channel — original title: apple repair broken screen half deserted before the public Liang will be a frequent crashes, is still in the warranty period of the iPhone6s mobile phone to Chaoyang joy Apple retail store maintenance, that night he received a mail service record clearly, the appearance of "normal wear, no obvious body bending traces, who a few days later, Mr. Liang received the notice that the mobile phone store physical damage can not be repaired, he found the shop to mobile phone broken screen, the clerk said it has nothing to do with. Now half a month has passed, he did not wait until he is satisfied with the treatment results. Crash repair broken screen mobile phone repair "was told because the halting problem, that is, the screen is broken, they put the blame on me." Mention the experience, the main beam is not a gas. He told the Beijing morning news reporter, in August 14th, he will not warranty, iPhone6s mobile phone to Chaoyang joy Apple retail store maintenance and other simple detection after informing him that mobile phone need to return to factory maintenance. He recalls, the clerk away and did not fill in the maintenance of a single mobile phone, "he said. After I took the personal documents to get on the line. That night, I also received a copy of the repair records from the store." The reporter saw in this message, in addition to the product, and the maintenance of the basic customer information, and also a special "diagnostic" column, the "appearance" wrote "wear marks of normal use, no obvious body bending remains serious bump traces, customer data and equipment known film cannot be preserved". But in August 21st, he received a phone call in the apple retail store, mobile phone has a physical injury, temporarily unable to repair. I went to the store to take a look at the phone, it was broken screen". Reporters from Mr Liang was shot the photo to see the mobile phone, the lower left corner of the screen, metal body parts and connections, there are about 2 cm of broken traces. "I’m sure the phone was in good condition, just as they said to me. But at that time, the clerk said that this time I sent this phone, they have no responsibility." After the negotiation half issue is still under discussion, joy Apple retail store price of 900 yuan for the screen Liang new machine, or to help Liang free replacement screen, and then return to factory maintenance. But these two schemes are rejected, "I sent to the machine during the warranty period, but only a problem now because of their negligence cause two damage, should be free of charge for the new machine". Last week, reporters call the Chaoyang joy Apple retail store, the other said the matter has been refused by Apple official customer service processing details. Apple’s official customer service staff told reporters that the matter is handled by the retail store, I do not know how to progress. There is no answer promises to reply the day before yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporters follow Mr. Liang Chaoyang Joy came the apple retail store again. The store manager Zhang said sorry, the staff said that there are problems in the process of the whole thing, but now he has complained to the Department of customer relationship, therefore, the need to store)相关的主题文章: